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  1. Tristan Smith is a nursing student from Robertsdale, Ala., who decided to pursue a career in nursing because of her deep love for family and children. Hailing from a small town, Tristan says she would love to visit big cities but can't see herself...   Read More

  2. Jacqueline Honulik is a native of Fairfield, Conn., and works in the guest relations department for the New York Yankees. Commuting every day from Connecticut, New York is part of Jacqueline's fast-paced lifestyle. She is looking for a fairy-tale...   Read More

  3. Cassie Rupp grew up in the small farm town of Dighton, Kan. Cassie is a farmer's daughter who was brought up helping on the family farm, riding horses, spending time at the nearby lake and enjoying the small things in life. She went to the...   Read More

  4. Courtney Wilkerson grew up in the small town of Theodore, Ala. Although she loves shopping, high heels and "getting dolled up," Courtney is not afraid to go hunting, fishing and mud riding. She has experienced the best and worst parts of love and...   Read More

  5. Ashley Ann Vickers is a former professional barrel racer from St. Lucie County, Fla. While she continues to compete in rodeos, she also has a successful modeling career, having appeared in Maxim. Ashley Ann has had a few faulty relationships...   Read More

  6. Mandy Sanders is a marketing student from Sherman, Texas. Mandy is the mother of a 4-year-old son and wants a man who can bring a big Texas smile to her face. In her spare time, she enjoys hunting varmint and deer. Mandy considers the perfect date...   Read More

  7. Cassidie Sheets is a fashion blogger who currently lives and works in San Diego. Cassidie is originally from Littleton, Colo., and began her city life at 19 when she moved to New York City to intern at ELLE magazine. After graduating from the...   Read More

  8. Kristina Kraus is a stylist from Orange County, Calif., who loves her "OC lifestyle," which involves tanning every day, wearing hair extensions and getting crystals on her nails. She graduated from high school with honors and received a full...   Read More

  9. Paige Duke, from Lancaster, S.C., is a former ambassador for the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series and a true southern girl at heart. Paige currently works at a hunting farm in Minnesota, and is a part-time model and veterinary technician. She enjoys rodeos,...   Read More

  10. Erin Stack is an actress and model from Hollywood, Calif. A strict vegan, she is turned off by meat eaters and believes hunting is "morally reprehensible." In her spare time, Erin volunteers at animal shelters and plays six different instruments.

  11. Alexandra Agro is a model from Miami. Determined not to be just a pretty face, she is a college student majoring in political science at Florida Atlantic University, planning to combine law and fashion in a unique way. After living a fast-paced life...   Read More

  12. Tara Bowlin is a law student from Knoxville, Tenn., and is a true country girl who loves sports and being outdoors. Tara was previously engaged to her high school sweetheart and first love. After five years together, she discovered he was cheating...   Read More

  13. Michelle Weaver is a server at a local restaurant from Fort Lauderdale, Fla. The self-described "girl next door" is currently studying elementary education. She was a cheerleader throughout high school, also playing softball and participating in the...   Read More

  14. Hailey Glassman is a publicist and events coordinator from New York City. A graduate of Indiana University, Hailey is best known for her ties to reality star Jon Gosselin, whom she dated. Moving on from her past relationships, this city girl is...   Read More

  15. Victoria "Torie" Mathews, from Biloxi, Miss., is currently pursuing a degree in elementary education. While she has had bad luck with love in the past, Torie is determined to fulfill her dream of finding true love, getting married and living in a...   Read More

  16. Tiffany Ginger is a sergeant in the U.S. Army from Newnan, Ga. A self-described "Army Barbie," she is currently majoring in automotive technology and is hoping to open her own mechanic shop in the future. Tiffany loves nothing better than tactical...   Read More

  17. Jessica Newsom, from Teague, Texas, is a single mom to her 8-year-old daughter. Jessica studied physical therapy at Navarro College, and says she loves the small town way of life in Teague, where she currently works at a furniture store. An avid...   Read More

  18. Chiara Strzesiewski is a model, dancer and entertainer who splits her time between Tampa, Fla., Connecticut and primarily New York City. Additionally, Chiara performs in Las Vegas and Atlantic City, N.J., for a highly-acclaimed dance show. Although...   Read More

  19. Colleen Aldrich manages a tanning salon and thinks she is more refined than a "Jersey Shore girl" because she is from Long Island, N.Y. After discovering a guy was engaged the entire time they were dating, Colleen is ready to find a loving, loyal...   Read More

  20. Cassie Cardelle is a singer/actress from Hollywood, Calif., who has never been in love. She grew up in Boston where she went to Sound Audio Engineering school. Cassie is an up-and-coming pop star who loves the Hollywood life and is always surrounded...   Read More

  21. Nicole Ross is a veterinary technician from Denton, Texas, who spends most of her time training horses. She is a professional barrel racer and holds multiple state titles in more than one rodeo event. Nicole hopes to qualify for the National Finals...   Read More

  22. Stefanie Williams is a blogger from New York City who recently penned a book. A true New Yorker, she loves her city and her New York Yankees. While Stefanie loves sports, she has had a few rough experiences in dating athletes and is looking to...   Read More


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