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  1. Paige Duke, from Lancaster, S.C., is a Clemson University graduate that now works as a national representative for Kruger Farms, an outdoors retailer in Minnesota. Paige is also a part time model and veterinary technician. In her free time, she...   Read More

  2. Jeremiah James Korfe, 29, is a farmer from Clarissa, Minn. By day Jeremiah raises beef cows, corn and soybeans. By night he plays guitar and sings with his band, "From Joyce." Jeremiah doesn't think city guys have the work ethic that is learned from...   Read More

  3. Bubba Thompson, 30, is a cowboy from Geneva, Ala. Bubba is a hard worker, tending to cattle all day and is the co-owner of Faith Cattle Company. He is proud to be one of the few remaining modern day cowboys and is looking for the perfect woman to...   Read More

  4. Shaun Bigos, 25, is a worldwide shipping executive from New York, N.Y. Shaun hates the country and everything about it. He enjoys clubbing on the weekends. He is hoping to show this southern belle what the city life is all about.

  5. Shaun Smith, 21, is a rodeo cowboy from Emmet, Ark. Shaun loves the rodeo life and comes from a long line of rodeo cowboys including his father. In his spare time, Shaun enjoys teaching kids how to rope.

  6. Landon "Tex" Chase, 25, is a firefighter and paramedic from Fort Worth, Tex. Landon is a self-proclaimed "good ol' boy" and avid hunter. Landon's 18-month-old daughter is the light of his life.

  7. Joey Vida, 26, is a personal trainer from Linden, N.J. Joey is from a large Portuguese family and is a grandma's boy. Joey has to have a tan at all times. Even though his girlfriend cheated on him, Joey still believes in true love.

  8. Todd Doram, 30, is a luxury car salesman from Redondo Beach, Calif. Todd enjoys finding different ways to stay active. He is looking for a sweet, family-oriented southern belle and is out to prove that southern guys are not the only ones that are...   Read More

  9. Donny Fallgatter, 32, is a singer/songwriter from Nashville, Tenn. Donny is the former lead singer of KingBilly who grew up on a farm in North Dakota. Donny has traveled worldwide with his music including a USO tour for the troops in Iraq.

  10. Dustin Tavella, 25, is a recording artist from Philadelphia, Penn. Dustin loves entertaining at children's hospitals and has traveled the world doing missionary work. He is still a virgin, saving himself for marriage.

  11. Jeremy Levesque, 23, is a pharmaceutical engineer from Boston, Mass. Jeremy keeps a strict diet and exercise regimen. Jeremy is not a player and is looking for a nice girl. If he met the right girl, Jeremy said he would be ready for marriage right...   Read More

  12. Christian Lopez, 27, is a professional baseball player from Miami, Fla. Christian was drafted by the Tampa Bay Rays out of high school. He knows how to make a woman laugh and considers himself confident, affectionate and charming.

  13. Austin Squires, 26, is a preacher's son and firefighter from Helena, Ala. Austin is looking for true love and wants to start a large family-with at least 3 children.

  14. Andy Batkins, 24, is an entrepreneur from Charleston, S.C. Andy bought his first house at 19 years old and has recently started a tennis business. Andy strives for success is searching for a woman that will form the power couple he has dreamed of.

  15. Danny Bopp, 27, is a NASCAR driver from Lonedell, Mo. He was just eleven years old when he first entered the world of competitive racing and under the guidance of his father, former NASCAR crew chief Glenn Bopp, he quickly rose through the...   Read More

  16. Ryan Borup, 22, is a professional poker player from Las Vegas, Nev. Ryan, whose father was the CEO of a Fortune 500 company, is a self-described adrenaline junkie. Ryan received a full scholarship to college for swimming and diving.

  17. Marcello Palmieri, 27, is an actor and model from Los Angeles, Calif. Marcello stands up for what he believes in and loves the opportunities his career has afforded him. Marcello enjoys escaping the city by heading to the great outdoors.

  18. Chance Lawrence, 21, is a bull rider from Opelika, Ala. In the summertime, Chance loves to go mudding. Chance claims to be a "helpless, hopeless romantic" who loves to watch chick flicks.

  19. David Ellermann, 30, is a commercial broker from Chicago, Ill. A self-motivated entrepreneur, David is proud of his roots and accomplishments. He is hoping to show this southern belle what the city is all about and prove that there are still...   Read More

  20. Seth Tidwell, 24, is the owner of a MC/promotions company from Murfreesboro, Tenn. When not working, Seth spends most of his time with Brody, his Labrador. Seth realizes just how country he is when he visits big cities and wants to meet a girl he...   Read More

  21. Severn Lang, 32, is a hairstylist and bag designer from Los Angeles, Calif. Severn is very creative and plays multiple instruments including the French horn. Severn is a hopeless romantic who feels his romantic nature is wasted on Los Angeles women.

  22. Matt Beard, 29, is a mechanic and drag racer from Satsuma, Ala. Born in Talladega, Ala., Matt acquired a love for drag racing and fixing hot rods early in life.

  23. Christian O'Rourke, 32, is a drummer and trainer from Brick, N.J. Christian is a health and fitness nut, maintaining a completely organic diet. Christian says some girls are intimidated by his physique, mainly his long hair and tattoos. He has...   Read More