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Watch Ali Dee's Music Video

Ali Dee heads to the farm for a "Sweet Southern Song." Check it out.

Sin City Sweethearts

The girls spend one last night in Vegas. Will Hannah and Brooke finally make up? Watch the season finale now.

Vegas Can't Handle Texas

The ladies take a break and head for Las Vegas. Can they leave the drama behind?

Watch: Dog Days

Brooke wants a bull, Ali wants a record deal and Anna wants a new roommate. Check it out.

Bulls, Boys and Toys

Anna gets a modeling gig, and Ali interviews bull riders. Check it out.

Watch: Judgement Day

Hannah goes mudding and Anna rides a bull. Catch the full episode online now.

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  1. Anna takes Jackson to compete at the Professional Bull Riders event in Decatur. Ali Dee...  Read Full Summary »


  2. When Anna and Hannah return home after an explosive evening with Brooke and Ali Dee,...  Read Full Summary »


  3. Anna agrees to go on a date with a cute young cowboy if he can ride one of her bucking...  Read Full Summary »



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About Texas Women

  1. CMT takes an exciting peek inside the lives of four young, gorgeous and sassy women working and playing in Fort Worth, Texas.

    The four are strong, capable, and in the spirit of Texas, they won't back down, even to each other. The series features the outspoken blond bombshell Anna Hunt who is as strong-willed as the bucking bulls she raises as a stock contractor. A woman working in a man's arena, she's learned to use her feminine attributes to her advantage. Ali Dee is an aspiring country music singer and television host for the Dallas Mavericks who's willing to do whatever it takes to make it to the top. She lives with her boyfriend Cory Melton, a champion bull rider, but her career comes first. Hannah Helvey is roommates with Anna, the youngest and the wild child of the group. A trust-fund baby with strong ties to her family, her nickname is "Hurricane Hannah" because she is a force of nature that usually gets what she wants. Brooke Jeter is a professional barrel racer and part-time housewife with a quick tongue and no filter. Being the only married gal in the bunch hasn't slowed her down. She still loves to party. This self proclaimed "True Blue" woman is married to National Finals Rodeo Champion Bareback Rider, Jason Jeter. Each week the fantastic quartet of gorgeous women juggle their love lives and careers all while maintaining their friendship and proving that being a diva is tougher than riding bareback.

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  1. The cast shares their personal photos.

  2. Bulls and bar fights keep the ladies busy.

  3. The ladies are back for a new season.