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  1. Kelvin Locklear hails from South Carolina where he owns and operates K & L Chrome with his wife, April. He is known throughout the trucking industry as the guy who will build it when everyone else says no. Anyone who knows anything about big...   Read More

  2. Ryan "Ryno" Templeton has been drawing, painting and designing since he was old enough to hold a pencil. Now he is a professional airbrush artist with over 18 years of proven workmanship and experience. Don't let Ryno's tattooed, tough guy...   Read More

  3. Rob has been labeled as one of the best audio installers in the country. He'll work on homes, boats and cars, but trucks are what set him apart. Anyone driving commercially in the Midwest knows that Rob's Audio Solutions is the only place to go to...   Read More

  4. Matt Moore is very excited to be joining the Trick My Truck team. This Missouri native cut his teeth in the fabrication industry by working for car dealerships. Bored with the monotony of the work, a friend turned him on to the trucking...   Read More

  5. Steve has been the man behind the scenes at Trick My Truck the past few seasons, making sure everything got done right and on time. Now, we're turning the cameras on him. Known to his friends and family as Huey, Steve is a self-taught, "do it...   Read More

  6. Allen Harrah, nephew of Steve Harrah, may be the youngest of the cast, but he makes up for his age with lots of experience and know how. Growing up, he would tag along with Steve while he worked the drag racing circuit. He learned to work with metal...   Read More


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