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  1. Ryan "Dylla" Dylla, 27, is a fabricator/mechanic from Richmond, Texas. In his spare time, Dylla enjoys participating in motocross, BMX and mud riding in his 2006 4x4 Dodge 2500. Dylla says his co-workers would describe him as hardworking, quiet and...   Read More

  2. Michael "Sparxx" Benedict, 37, is a fabricator from Houston. He loves fixing and building anything. Beginning at age 6, Benedict learned his trade by tearing apart everything in his father's garage. His iPod contains everything from Brian McKnight...   Read More

  3. Jonathan "Nelly" Nelson, 28, is a mechanic from Richmond, Texas, whose biggest fear is being unsuccessful. The craziest thing he has ever done is jump his Chevy Tahoe through a ditch behind the shop. It ended up totaled. Nelson says his co-workers...   Read More

  4. Mike "Big Mike" Clark, 33, from Sugarland, Texas, specializes in dealing with customers and organizing the business side of the Lonestar Speed Shop. His hobbies include shooting guns and watching football. The craziest thing Clark says he's ever...   Read More

  5. Luke "Nasa" Richard, 33, from Rosenberg, Texas, is a meticulous designer and fabricator. Richard enjoys target shooting, boating and building custom red wagons for his friends' children. His iPod is "all over the board," with genres from classic...   Read More

  6. Chance "Big Daddy" Kamp, 41, from Richmond, Texas, opened the Lonestar Speed Shop in 1991. He drives a lifted 2011 Ford Super Duty and a lowered Cadillac Escalade and says his co-workers would describe him as very demanding because he wants things...   Read More


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