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Watch: Pig Farmer's Tractor

John and the Lonestar Speed Shop put a pig farmer's tractor back on duty. Watch the full episode online now.

Watch: Shrimp Boat

John Schneider helps give an old shrimp boat a new look. Watch the results now.

Watch: Flatbed Truck

John Schneider and the crew rehab a flatbed truck and a feed business. Watch it now.

Watch: Concrete Mixer

Host John Schneider helps rehab a cement mixer. Watch the results online now.

Watch a Septic Tanker Transformed

The crew can't believe what's in store for their next project. Watch it now.

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  1. Pig farmer Willard Hill's once successful business has definitely seen better days....  Read Full Summary »


  2. Just like all the fishermen working the Gulf after the recent oil spill, shrimper Bryan...  Read Full Summary »


  3. Feed supplier America Cordaway is one of the hardest working women in Royse City, Texas....  Read Full Summary »



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About Trick My What?

  1. The original Bo Duke is back on CMT. John Schneider hosts as we give blue-collar workers a big hand up as we trick out and upgrade shrimp boats, combines, logging skidders -- anything with an engine in it that puts food on the table for a family. Part Trick My Truck, part Dirty Jobs, John will roll up his sleeves and get his hands dirty, both while working alongside our lucky laborer as well as back at the shop.

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  1. A concrete mixer with attitude

  2. The crew rehabs a septic tanker.

  3. An old pickup truck gets a pick-me-up.

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