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Your Chance to Dance

If you and your friends love to dance like your favorite celebrities from music videos, movies and television, go to yourchancetodance.us.com and sign up for an audition today. You could be on TV and win $10,000. (Amateurs preferred.)

World's Strictest Parents

The World's Strictest Parents is now casting nationwide for rebellious teenagers AND strict families.

*Moms and dads, if you are proud of your firm family structure, have well behaved kids over the age of 13 and want to show off your unflinching strict parenting skills, the casting team would like to hear from you. Producers are seeking parents with unique interests and strong family values who want to share their fail safe parenting styles with the world.

* Teenagers, are you rebellious? Are you tired of your parents' rules and restrictions? Ever wanted to see if the grass is really greener living with a brand new set of parents? We're looking for boys and girls with parental approval who are between the ages of 15 and 18 (and still in high school). We're casting confident teens of all types including; technically savvy teens; hippies; urbanites; slobs; surfers; affluent teens; liberals; defiant teens; and teens who have extraordinary circumstances.

Families interested in hosting these teenagers on their very own episode of The World's Strictest Parents and teenagers who'd like to be on the show may apply any time via www.worldsstrictestparents.com or by calling 888-41-TEENS (1-888-418-3367).