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  • Katie Cook

    Katie Cook joined CMT in 2002 as co-host for the weekly live series CMT Most Wanted Live. Since joining CMT, she has hosted many series and specials, including MWL Star, MWL Stacked and the MWL Special concert series. Currently, she is hosting CMT's weekly entertainment magazine show CMT Insider.

    Get to know Katie a little better with the following fun facts:

    Nickname: Cookie.

    Birthday: Jan. 8 (same as Elvis Presley)

    Birth Place: London, England

    Siblings: Older brother and older sister

    Pets: 3 dogs: Geddy Lee, Huggy Bear, and 1 cat: Cosmo (all rescued)

    Hobbies: Decorating, UFO research

    Most Memorable Moment: Meeting Dolly Parton

    First Concert: The Beach Boys in Nashville, Tenn.

    Favorite Food: Leftover pizza

    Least Favorite Food: Meat

    Favorite Movie: Close Encounters of the Third Kind

    Favorite Actor and Actress: David Warner and Marilyn Monroe

    Favorite TV Show: (Other than CMT Insider, of course) The Price Is Right

    Favorite Cartoon Character: Little Big Benny

    Favorite Song: "You Ain't Woman Enough" by Loretta Lynn

    Favorite Book: Communion by Whitley Streiber

    Favorite Sport: Snooker (European form of billiards)

    Favorite Thing to Do When Not Working: Spend time with the family

    Favorite Place to Vacation: Aruba

    Favorite Charity: Walden's Puddle

    Favorite Quote: "Ginger Rogers did everything Fred Astaire did, only backwards and in heels."

    A message from the host:

    "Walden's Puddle is one of many animal charities I support. Walden's Puddle provides care and treatment to injured and orphaned wildlife, as well as educational experiences to the community, allowing a greater understanding and appreciation of wildlife. I don't just volunteer at Walden's, I also serve on the board.

    As our communities grow, so does the need for organizations like Walden's Puddle. If you would like to find out more or make a donation please visit .Thank you, together we will make a difference." -- Katie Cook.

    Check out Katie Cook's official website.

  • Evan Farmer

    Since joining CMT as the host of CMT's Top 20 Countdown in February 2010, Evan Farmer has held captivating interviews with numerous country music and film stars, become a regular guest on NBC's Today, hosted live red carpet events with CMT Insider's Katie Cook and has enlightened fans with his many appearances at the CMA Music Festival.

    Born in Asmara, Ethiopia, to a U.S. Army flight medic and nurse, Farmer spent much of his early childhood traveling around the world. After graduating from Tulane University with a degree in communications, he moved to New York City to pursue a career in the entertainment industry. Perhaps best known as the host and handyman of TLC's Emmy-nominated home makeover series While You Were Out, Farmer first made entertainment news in 1998 with his portrayal of the central character Jerry O'Keefe in MTV'S first made-for-television movie, 2GE+HER, chronicling the spoof boy-band 2GE+HER's rise to fame.

    He also recorded lead vocals on the 2GE+HER soundtrack and follow-up album, 2GE+HE Again, which sold over a million copies worldwide. A television series of the same name followed, as did several Top 10 music videos, which ultimately led to sharing the stage on the Britney Spears Oops I Did It Again tour in 2000. It was while guest hosting MTV's Total Request Live for Carson Daly that he realized how much he enjoyed the role of "host" -- especially on live television.

    With a full schedule between CMT and his family, Farmer has always made time to pursue his true passion in life -- philanthropy. From the start, he has struggled to find meaning in the attention that comes with a career in the spotlight, but with the devastating impact of his mother's diagnosis of breast cancer, her subsequent passing in 2007 due to complications resulting from ovarian cancer and after losing his friend and 2GE+HER castmate, Michael Cuccione, he became actively involved in charities. A few of those include the Susan G. Komen Foundation, the Michael Cuccione Foundation, Until a Cure, the Red Cross, Autism Speaks, Rebuilding Together, Bras for a Cause and UNICEF. Intent on making a difference in Nashville, he has been the spokesperson for Tennessee's Walk Now for Autism since its inception in 2008.

    Farmer lives in Nashville with his wife and two sons.

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