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Homecoming: President Jimmy Carter in Plains
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With the holidays right around the corner, thoughts turn to traveling back home and spending time with family, loved ones and friends. In a very special homecoming event, CMT joins the 39th president of the United States, Jimmy Carter, for an intimate look at the small town, Plains, Ga., that he still calls home and where he spends the holidays with wife Rosalynn, his children and grandchildren. In this one-hour documentary, CMT Homecoming: President Carter in Plains, President Carter welcomes his longtime friend, country legend Willie Nelson, to Plains for a heartwarming reunion filled with music and memories. Nelson joins President Carter for a tour of his childhood home, his boyhood haunts and the town that holds a special place in President Carter's heart. The two friends swap stories of what it was like growing up in small towns and reminisce about their friendship that has lasted decades. In honor of Plains, Nelson performs for everyone in the town, and the fans get a surprise when President and Mrs. Carter join Nelson on stage. President Carter, Mrs. Carter and Nelson share their thoughts: President Carter -- "I would say that the quality of this town, where my family has owned land here last 170 years, has a very binding moral attraction to us. The hospitality of its people and its churches always brings us back to this small town of Plains." Mrs. Carter -- "Plains is home. It's always been home. Jimmy was in the Navy and then he was governor and then he was president. But I think what makes it special is that the people are so friendly, and no matter where we are in the world and no matter how much criticism we're getting, we always know we have people at home who care for us. And it makes a lot of difference." Willie Nelson (comparing Plains to his small hometown of Abbott, Texas) -- "Of course, Plains is a bigger town. This is a metropolis here. I enjoyed going and seeing the president's home and seeing where he grew up. It's a great town, and it reminds me a lot of Abbott." 

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