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About The Series

City slickers pony up for the adventure of a lifetime with Cowboy U. Professional cowboys Rocco Wachman and Judd Leffew and their team of seasoned professionals attempt to acclimate a fresh batch of city dwellers to the cowboy lifestyle in only three weeks. Shot in a beautiful setting near the Rocky Mountains, Rocco and Judd coach contestants through an intense cowboy boot camp. The eight contestants, whose occupations range from an assistant football coach at Johns Hopkins University to a stay-at-home father, each face daily obstacles and physical burdens in their quest to become true cowboys. From their first contest, catching an ornery calf and putting panties on it, to their lack of big city luxuries, to their first bull riding lesson, the participants are pushed to their breaking point. In the end, only the strong survive, and only one will be worthy of the title of best all-around cowboy, taking home the cash prize and the glory. Cowboy U: Colorado is the sixth season of the series to premiere on CMT and was shot at the M Lazy C Ranch in Lake George, Colo. The first installment of Cowboy U debuted in August 2003 on CMT, and the series has continued to grow in popularity with viewers. Past seasons of Cowboy U have taken place in California, Arizona, Texas, Oklahoma and even Hawaii.

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