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When Martha Walswick lost her husband following a three-year fight with cancer last summer, this brave woman told her nine children, ages four to 21 years old, that they needed to pull together for what she called their "new adventure." Martha usually accompanied her husband, Greg, to his cancer treatments and, while there, they met J.J. and Kelley Carrell. Kelley was undergoing the same treatments as Martha's husband. The two couples became such good friends that Kelley's last wish to her husband was for him to do something special for Martha. When Kelley passed away, J.J. and Martha bonded in their grief. Now, thanks to a selfless woman's dying wish for something special to be given to the Walswicks, this family from Yorba Linda, California, is indeed experiencing a new adventure -- and more -- on Extreme Makeover: Home Edition.

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