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Hannah Grinnan was just 11 days old when she underwent organ transplant surgery. After months of touch-and-go circumstances, Hannah was finally released from the hospital and the Grinnans returned home. Shortly thereafter, Hannah began to reject her heart. The only way to save her was to be near a facility that could handle her emergency conditions. Loma Linda University Medical Center had the best heart center for children, so the family made the difficult decision to move to Redlands, California. At the time, their other children -- Mary, 22, Bill Jr., 20, Catie, 17, Gabe, 11, Sara, eight, and seven-year-old Clare -- had to take on adult responsibilities and care for each other while their parents held vigil in the hospital. No one complained though, since their unselfish help meant having one more day with Hannah. After their infant daughter received a heart transplant to save her from the same condition that their son died of as a newborn, Cathy and Bill Grinnan made a promise that they would do whatever they could to educate others about heart disease. Despite their personal tragedies, the Grinnan family became crusaders for heart disease research and treatment.

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