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Patricia Broadbent, a longtime advocate for children and former social worker, has given birth to one child and adopted six others in her lifetime, three of whom still live at home -- Hydeia, 20, Shana, 17, and Trisha, 15. All three of these girls contracted AIDS from their birth mothers and are now living with the virus. Recently Patricia was diagnosed with lung cancer and is currently undergoing successful chemotherapy treatments. She came to realize, as she faces her own mortality, that her small house is just not suitable for her daughters to continue to thrive in, should her own life end early. When the team from Extreme Makeover: Home Edition learned of her plight, it was decided that Patricia, who has spent the better part of her life teaching and educating the public about unconditional love and acceptance of everyone, should have a house she will feel proud of to pass on to her beloved children.

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