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When Willie Harvey was diagnosed with epilepsy, his work as a mechanic and heavy equipment operator -- as well as the repairs he'd been making to the family's 1930s Army barracks home -- came to an abrupt halt. Employers wouldn't hire him for fear of possible seizures, and as a result Willie was forced into unemployment. His wife, Alecia, was working two full-time jobs and putting herself through nursing school to better provide for the family of six. Still, they were barely able to make ends meet. Meanwhile, their home was falling down on them! Built in the 1930s as part of an Army barracks, the Harveys' two-bedroom house was also home to several thousand troops of termites. The family are very much loved in their community -- Willie fixes people's cars in the neighborhood for free because he loves to help people out. They're also very involved with a local non-profit organization, Neighborhood Partners, which assists struggling area families whenever help is needed, the Harveys are the first to volunteer. But now it's their turn for a little help and kindness.

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