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Dusty Medeiros, the mother of two boys -- DaShawn, eight, and Ivan, four -- had been working at a computer store for eight years. But her life began to unravel when she and her boyfriend broke up, and the financial challenge of raising two children on a single income was overwhelming. Without a second income, she could no longer afford her apartment, and she bounced from friend to friend with no permanent place for her or her two young children. Now the three-bedroom unit of the new duplex built by the Extreme Makeover: Home Edition team will be home to the Medeiros family. They will pay a small rent until they can get back on their feet, and can stay in the duplex until they and Colorado Homeless Families, who will actually own the building, decide they are ready to move out. Then other families will move into the duplex, and this process will continue for years to come, so that this EMHE project will ultimately touch many homeless families.

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