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  • The Beach Family - Pt 2

  • The Beach Family - Pt 1

  • The Powell Family - Pt 2

  • The Powell Family - Pt1

  • The Tripp Family - Pt 2

  • The Tripp Family - Pt 1

  • The Huber Family - Pt 2

  • The Huber Family - Pt 1

  • The Ward Family - Pt 2

  • The Ward Family - Pt 1

  • Carr Family, The

    We're off to Mineola, Texas to help another amazing family. Mike and Katrina Carr are loving parents to four adopted children who were abandoned in Kazakhstan....
  • Williams Family, The

    The Extreme Team is headed to Pine Mountain Valley, Georgia. As soon as we get on the bus, we meet Michael Oher and the members of his adoptive family, Leigh...
  • Skaggs Family, The

    Earlier this season EMHE asked you, the fans, to "get on the bus." After receiving thousands of submissions, we're happy to report that Santino and Tanya were...
  • Starkweather Family, The

    All aboard! We're back on the bus and headed to Tulsa, Oklahoma to meet the Starkweathers. Ty, Paige, Eduardo and Paul are here to help a very special boy,...
  • Suggs Family, The

  • Wagstaff Family, The

  • Heathcock Family, The

  • Creasey Family, The

  • Cowan-Brown Family, The

  • Scott Family, The

  • Morris Family, The

  • Marshall Family, The (Lyme, NH)

  • Stott Family, The

  • Mattingly Family, The

  • Montgomery Family, The

  • Terpenning Family, The

  • Hampton Family, The

  • Marshall Family, The (Lancaster, TX)

  • Hill Family, The

  • The McFarland Family

  • The McFarland Family

  • The Kadzis Family

  • The Kadzis Family

  • The Almquist Family

  • The Almquist Family

  • The Tutwiler Family

  • The Tutwiler Family

  • The Jackson Family

    Ty Pennington and his crew change lives by giving a deserving family a much-needed home makeover in just seven days.
  • The Jackson Family

  • The Cooper Family

  • The Jordan Family

  • The Bell Family

  • The Ruiz Family

  • The Riojas Family

  • The Girard Family

  • The Drumm Family

  • The Grys Family

  • The Slaughter Family

  • The DeVries Family

  • The Nickless Family

  • The Frisch Family

  • The Martirez Family / Malek Business

    Ty Pennington and his crew change lives by giving a deserving family a much-needed home makeover in just seven days.
  • The Hill Family

    Ty Pennington and his crew change lives by giving a deserving family a much-needed home makeover in just seven days.
  • The McCully Family

    Ty Pennington and his crew change lives by giving a deserving family a much-needed home makeover in just seven days.
  • The King Family

    Ty Pennington and his crew change lives by giving a deserving family a much-needed home makeover in just seven days.
  • The Jackson Family

  • Usea/Walker Church 2 hour

  • Giunta Family

  • Silva Family

  • Martinez Family 2 hour

  • Latiff Family

  • Gaudet Family

  • Boettcher Family

  • Turner Family

  • Lucas Family

  • Hughes Family 2 hour

  • Gilyeat Family 2 hour

    Miley Cyrus helps make a family's dream come true.
  • Voisine Family 2 hour

  • Luther Family 2 hour

  • Woodhouse Family

  • Ray-Smith Family

  • Chapin Family

  • Vitale Family

  • Stockdale Family

  • Swenson-Lee Family 2 hours

  • Marrerro Family

  • Miller Family

  • Yazzie Family

  • Carter Family

  • Brown Family

  • Byers Family

  • Akana Family 2 hour

  • Freinds Helping Friends

  • Oatman-Gaitan Family 2 hour

    The team makes over a home for an upstate New York family with two adopted sons living with HIV.
  • Jacobo Family

    The team fixes up the crumbling home of a large extended family, which includes four children and five nieces and nephews, to allow family members to remain...
  • Kilgallon Family

    The team builds a home for a single mother whose fixer-upper turned into a nightmare with structural and termite damage.
  • Collins Family

    The team renovates the Arkansas home of a couple who took in a cousin's five children after a tragic car accident; while the team expands the living space, the...
  • Westbrook Family

    The team builds a home that is accessible to a man and his son, who are both paralyzed.
  • Jones Family

    Sabrena Jones is a single mother of three. She has been a great role model for her children and her community. We are supposed to be keeping up with the Jones,...
  • Wilson Family

    Natalie Wilson has worked hard to keep her family together by keeping her four grandchildren in her small trailer home instead of letting them go to separate...
  • Tipton-Smith Family

    Single mother, Faith Tipton-Smith, has endured the worst events possible in a very short amount of time. She lost her home in a fire and three months later,...
  • Tate Family

    A small-town family experienced a huge disaster, a plane crashed into their home. With no insurance their financial problems have increased, so there is no...
  • O'Donnell Family

    Five out of six of the O'Donnell children have been diagnosed with autism. The father, Patrick is having trouble trying to make ends meet with such a big...
  • Riggins Family

    Linda and William Riggins have worked hard to get where they are, and they are always ready and willing help others. This couple has recently had some...
  • Thomas Family 2 hour

    Jason Thomas is unintentionally famous by his role he played in real life in rescuing survivors from the twin tower rubble on September 11, 2001. He didn't...
  • Noyola Family

    The Noyolas just purchased their home three months ago, which should be a happy occasion, but instead it turns out to be a horrible decision. There are so many...
  • Fullerton-Machacek Family

    The Fullerton-Machacek family is the modern day Brady Bunch, but they still live in separate homes. The parents want to get married and make a home for the...
  • Pauni Family

    The Pauni family has suffered emotionally and financially now that the sole provider, Danny passed away from a heart attack. The family is living paycheck to...
  • Ripatti Family 2 hours

    LAPD officer, Kristina Ripatti was paralyzed from the chest down from a gunshot she suffered from one night at work. Now that she needs a wheelchair to get...
  • Koepke Family

    Before he passed away from cancer, Matt Keopke got a chance to ask Extreme Makeover: Home Edition to help make his dream come true by renovating his home....
  • Farina Family

    Shawna Farina's increasing medical bills, due to breast cancer, have caused an interruption in the family plans to fix up their farmhouse. The EMHE design team...
  • Kibe Family

    The Kibes moved from the city to a country home on a farm, only to have it burst into flames right before Christmas. The family have been subjected to a small...
  • Thibodeau Family

    The Thibodueas need a warm home for their little girl, Siehera, to dwell in. She was born with a hole in her heart and has been through many surgeries. Siehera...
  • Bliven Family

    Aaron Bliven is just like everyone else, but he has special needs because he was born with cerebral palsy. He has out grown his old wheelchair and his new...
  • Gilliam Family

    The design team makes history by building a house for Maryann Gilliam and her six kids in half the time of a normal build. The Gilliam family was not expecting...
  • Hawkins Family

    Amy Hawkins, a loving wife and mother of two, was left paralyzed after a life changing tornado came through and destroyed their home. Now, this family lives in...
  • Rogers Family 2 hours

    The Rogers family lives in Alaska, where the temperature gets as low as minus sixty degrees. This 13-member family is crammed into one tiny house, which is...
  • After the Storm: Texas

    The small town of Sabine Pass, Texas, which boasts 600 residents, was damaged during Hurricane Rita. The design team helped rebuild the town's firehouse and...
  • After the Storm: New Orleans

    After Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans, The design team helps to rebuild the badly damanaged 118-year-old First Emmanuel Baptist Church, which had served a...
  • After the Storm: Mississippi

    The design team heads to Biloxi, Mississippi to rebuild some cornerstones of the community, including a local free medical clinic, and to erect a new memorial...
  • After the Storm: Florida

    The design team travels to weather-ravaged Broward County, FL to help rebuild a local woman's soup kitchen and shelter that has helped heal the hearts of...
  • Llanes Family 2 hours

    When Vic Llanes of Bergenfield, New Jersey, started to lose his vision as a teenager, he accepted it. He didn't feel sorry for himself, but instead married...
  • Turner Family 2 hours

    Told she could never have children of her own, Beverly Turner of Irvington, NJ, looked into adoption. Now, at age 54, she has been a special mom to 18 special...
  • Arena Family

    Jimmy "Jimboy" Arena, son of Jim and Gina Arena of Somers, NY, changed an entire community forever. Diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor at five years of...
  • Peter Family

    Winston Peter, a Hindu priest, and his wife Hardai left their homeland of Guyana in 1996 and struggled long and hard to make a new home for their family in...
  • Py Family 2 hours

    Having raised four girls of their own and put each through college, 60-year-old "Grandpop" William Py of Philadelphia, PA and his 57-year-old wife, "Grandma"...
  • Hassall Family

    The Hassalls are loved in their community: Michelle, a violinist, teaches choir at the local high school and was recognized as Teacher of the Year. Brian, a...
  • Craft Family 2 hours

    Coach Craft, of Hondo, Texas, is more than a coach. He is a mentor, motivator and inspiration to every student at D'Hanis High School. Now the students and...
  • Holmes Family 2 hours

    For years Sadie Holmes battled addiction, but she eventually won that battle and turned her life around. Sadie's community, having witnessed this, reached out...
  • Rainford Family 2 hours

    Jamaican-born Dunstin Rainford of Riviera Beach, FL had just fulfilled his lifelong dream of becoming a U.S. Citizen when the unthinkable happened. Dunstin,...
  • White Family 2 hours

    On his 19th wedding anniversary -- April 11, 2005 -- Pastor John White suffered a heart attack and died, leaving behind his broken-hearted widow, Danna, and...
  • Kubena Family

    John and Monica Kubena and their seven-year-old identical twin daughters, Tara and Sara, who both suffer from leukemia and currently live in a trailer, will...
  • DeAeth Family

    Animal lovers Dale and Melanie DeAeth of Washington, Texas, who started the True Blue Animal Rescue organization, and their three children, Jessica, Cory and...
  • Crawford-Smith Family 2 hours

    Once a renowned dancer with the Dance Theatre of Harlem, Carol Crawford-Smith had to abandon her passion for performing when she was stricken with multiple...
  • Hebert Family

    When Eric Hebert of Sandpoint, ID got the unexpected call a year ago that his sister had died, leaving her twin children orphaned, he stepped up to the plate...
  • Kirkwood Family 2 hours

    Thanks to their tenacious eleven-year-old daughter, Jael, the Kirkwood family from Port Orchard, WA will receive a new home designed by Ty and the gang of...
  • Home for the Holidays-Holiday Wishes 2 hours

    The Extreme Makeover team reconnects with families they helped in the past, in order to enlist their help to help out others.
  • Nutsch Family

    While on vacation in the summer of 2005, the Nutsch family received a shocking phone call notifying them that a propane leak had caused a blast that completely...
  • Novak Family

    Ty and the Extreme Makeover: Home Edition gang transform the lives of Jeff Novak, a recently widowed Special Education teacher and his three young daughters,...
  • Johnson Family

    Ty and the gang team up with the Boston Red Sox to help build a new and renovated home for Tripp and Heidi Johnson of Medfield, MA, the dedicated parents of...
  • Goodale Family

    Extreme Makeover: Home Edition designers and contractors came to the home of Doug Goodale, a veteran lobster fisherman and his family from Wells Harbor, Maine,...
  • Lewis Family 2 hours

    Extreme Makeover: Home Edition and the entire community of El Segundo, CA will come together to rebuild the home of police officer Bruce Lewis, his cancer...
  • Teas Family-Camp Barnabas 2 hours

    In the most super sized renovation ever, the design team will not only rebuild the Teas' home but take on the challenge of making over other parts of Camp...
  • Ginyard Family

    Ty and the gang will help turn the hazardous home of Veronica Ginyard and her eight children in Capitol Heights, Maryland into "home sweet home."
  • Harrison Family

    Just one month after Gordon finally mustered up the courage to start his own cabinetry business, he was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. Instead of feeling...
  • Tom Family 2 hours

    Susan Tom, a single parent of seven adopted children with disabilities from Fairfield, CA, didn't set out to adopt children with special needs, but somehow...
  • Barrett Family

    Billy Jack and Anne have always had a knack for challenges - it used to be for handling disobedient horses when they were working in the equestrian business as...
  • Rodriguez Family 2 hours

    As a child in Puerto Rico, Master Sergeant Luis Rodriguez dreamed of joining the United States Army. In 1990 he enlisted and made his dream a reality. He...
  • Nick Family 2 hours

    What started out one night as a beautiful, picture perfect summer evening for Colleen Nick and her children quickly spiraled into a horrible tragedy that would...
  • The Piestewa-How'd They Do That

    When PFC Lori Piestewa was in Iraq, she told her roommate and best friend, PFC Jessica Lynch, that her dream was to return to her home in Tuba City, Arizona...
  • The Johnson Family-How'd They Do That

    Kansas City firefighter Stephen Johnson is a man who is used to rescuing others and a hero to so many, including to his own five children. In 2004, called to...
  • The Dolan Family-How'd They Do That

    In November 2004, James Dolan of St. Petersburg, Florida made news because the unthinkable happened--a deranged man with a gun walked into the electronics...
  • The Harvey Family-How'd They Do that

  • The Vitale Family-How'd They Do That

  • The Leslie Family-How'd They Do That

  • The Broadbent Family-How'd They Do That

  • The Okvath Family-How'd They Do That

  • The Harris Sextuplets-How'd They do That

  • The Harper Family-How'd They Do That

  • The Elcano Family-How'd They Do That

  • The Mackey Family-How'd They Do That

  • The Sears Family-How'd They Do That

  • The Anderson Family-How'd They do That

  • The Dore Family-How'd They Do That

  • The Burns Family-How'd They Do That

  • The Ali Family-How'd They Do That

  • Family Reunion

  • Piestawa Family (Navajo Indian Reservation)2 hours

    When PFC Lori Piestewa was in Iraq, she told her roommate and best friend, PFC Jessica Lynch, that her dream was to return to her home in Tuba City, Arizona...
  • Johnson Family

    Kansas City firefighter Stephen Johnson is a man who is used to rescuing others and a hero to so many, including to his own five children. In 2004, called to...
  • Vitale Family 2 hours

    John and Anne-Marie Vitale of St. James, New York were a young, happily married couple with three beautiful boys. Their family was growing quickly, so they...
  • Dolan Family 2 hours

    In November 2004, James Dolan of St. Petersburg, Florida made news because the unthinkable happened -- a deranged man with a gun walked into the electronics...
  • Harvey Family

    When Willie Harvey was diagnosed with epilepsy, his work as a mechanic and heavy equipment operator -- as well as the repairs he'd been making to the family's...
  • Leslie Family

    Robin and Doug Leslie were living an idyllic life with their four young boys and had moved into their dream home, a fixer-upper on eight-and-a-half acres on...
  • Leomiti-Higgins

    In 2004 the five Higgins children, aged 14 to 21, lost their mother following her brave battle with breast cancer. Three months later, their father passed away...
  • Okvath Family 2 hours

    ssandra Okvath, who lives with her family in Gilbert, Arizona, has battled cancer since doctors discovered a tumor in her kidney in 2003. While Kassandra was...
  • Harris Family

    When Diamond Harris couldn't get pregnant, she and Chris turned to a specialist for help. The couple was overjoyed, then, when they learned that Diamond was...
  • Harper Family

    Several years ago, Patricia and Milton Harper lost their two-year-old son when he choked on his food. At the time, the family was living in the projects in...
  • Anderson Family 2 hours

    In March 2000, Rodney Anderson of South Central Los Angeles was on his way to the NBA and a degree in social work, thanks to a full basketball scholarship from...
  • Sears Family

    In February 2004, Jhyrve was diagnosed with the rare genetic disorder Krabbe Disease, which is caused by an enzyme deficiency. Her only chance of survival was...
  • Correa/Madeiros 2 hours

    Dusty Medeiros, the mother of two boys -- DaShawn, eight, and Ivan, four -- had been working at a computer store for eight years. But her life began to...
  • Dore Family

    As a struggling widow of three daughters, Roseanne Dore is no stranger to hardship. The family was dealt a tremendous blow when their Kingston, Washington...
  • Broadbent Family

    Patricia Broadbent, a longtime advocate for children and former social worker, has given birth to one child and adopted six others in her lifetime, three of...
  • Elcano Family

    Glen and Jennifer Elcano were living their dream. They used to spend practically 24 hours a day together running and operating their small family farm in...
  • Burns Family

    When Benjamin Burns was born in 1997, he was an apparently healthy baby boy. Six months later, Benjamin's sister was playing with her baby brother and, when...
  • Mackey Family

    Consuela is the founder of the non-profit organization Operation Confidence which, as of 2004, has helped almost 10,000 disabled individuals find gainful...
  • Ali Family

    When her boys, 12-year-olds Paul and Kuran, were infants, orphaned by a crack-addicted mother, Lucy Ali of Jamaica Queens, New York, adopted them. As the...
  • Vardon Family 2 hours

    When Stefan Vardon, 14, wrote a heartwarming school essay about his deaf parents and his blind and autistic 12-year-old brother, he had no idea that it would...
  • Grinnan Family

    Hannah Grinnan was just 11 days old when she underwent organ transplant surgery. After months of touch-and-go circumstances, Hannah was finally released from...
  • Pope Family

    Shelby Pope was just six years old when she learned seven years ago that she had polymorphic light eruption, also known as sun poisoning. If any part of her...
  • Wofford Family- 2 hours

    When Brian Wofford's wife passed away four years ago, he dedicated himself to making it possible for his children to pursue their dreams. Today the kids are...
  • Garay Family

    When a mother was shot and killed by a gang member's stray bullet while sleeping, her oldest son, Johnny Garay, who works for a non-profit agency and coaches...
  • Cadigan-Scott Family

    In June 2003 Diane died as a result of heart problems. Mark died 16 days later of a heart attack. Their eight kids were left to grieve a double, unbelievable...
  • Imbriani Family

    When Brook Imbriani, a young, divorced mother of two, moved back into her childhood home in San Bernardino, California, to help her disabled mother take care...
  • Powell Family

    It wasn't easy for Carrie Powell to bring relief to her younger son, Keenan, who suffers from a rare cell disorder, asthma, as well as allergies. It was all...
  • Walswick Family

    When Martha Walswick lost her husband following a three-year fight with cancer last summer, this brave woman told her nine children, ages four to 21 years old,...
  • Tugwell Family

    John Tugwell, a former Vietnam veteran who presently works for the U.S. Postal Service, and his wife, Susan -- a fourth grade school teacher and avid reader...
  • Hardin Family

    Several years ago, when Freeman Hardin, Jr. lost track of his father, Freeman, Sr., he decided to go on a manhunt and started looking for him on the streets. ...
  • Zitek Family

    Life changed dramatically two short years ago for 22-year-old Robert Gil and his family -- his mom, Pat, his stepfather, Lon Zitek, his sister, Nisha Gil, and...
  • Harris Family (Sweet Alice)

    "Sweet" Alice Harris, who was named the Lieutenant Governor's California Woman of the Year in 2002 for her endless efforts over the last 35 years to clean up...
  • McCrory Family

    Just before the holidays, Deirdre and Tom McCrory went in for a routine ultrasound. She and Tom already have two sons -- Rory, three years old, and...
  • Mendoza Family

    When Contessa Mendoza was 17 years old and still in high school, she made the tough decision to become a single mom. This exceptional young lady went on to...
  • Cox Family

    For years John Cox traveled worldwide to help churches and organizations. Meanwhile, to support her dedicated husband's endeavors, his wife, Wendy, quit her...
  • Woslum Family

    When Trent Woslum, a sergeant in the California National Guard, was finally able to buy his family their first fixer-upper home as a Christmas present in 2002,...
  • Powers Family

    The Powers had tried to make improvements to their fixer-upper home, but when youngest daughter Olivia was diagnosed with a life-threatening form of leukemia,...
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