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Billy Jack and Anne have always had a knack for challenges - it used to be for handling disobedient horses when they were working in the equestrian business as real life "horse whisperers." Now it's raising and adopting children deemed "unmanageable" and "un-adoptable" according to the Colorado Department of Human Services which claims that these are the children no one wants. But now with growing teenagers, in addition to the Barretts' two biological kids, Rebecca (13) and Clara (11), the four-bedroom farmhouse with only one and a half bathrooms is getting too tight for eight people. In addition, Anne quit her job to home-school the four adopted children, as each of them is behind academically and emotionally. Billy Jack and Anne would like to take in more kids in need, but can't because of space and the Colorado law which states that the household has reached the limit for the number of children allowed per bedroom. With the help of Extreme Makeover: Home Edition and their team of contractors, the Barrett family will now have a bigger house that all their children can enjoy, as well as the opportunity to adopt more kids who never really had a home.

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