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For years Sadie Holmes battled addiction, but she eventually won that battle and turned her life around. Sadie's community, having witnessed this, reached out to her and began to donate food, clothing and furniture, which allowed her to make a brand new start. Soon the donations became more than Sadie and her family needed, however, so she started donating them to others in need. These actions led to the creation of the first non-profit in their community, Sadie Holmes Help Services, Inc. Although the organization was initially run out of the Holmes' house, in 2003 Sadie and her children made the decision to move into a rented apartment so they could have more room for the rapidly increasing donations. The generosity and determination of this woman and her children will pay off when Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, along with local builder Mercedes Homes, pull together to give them the home they deserve. While the Extreme Makeover: Home Edition design team, contractors and hundreds of workers and volunteers are transforming the Holmes' house into a dream home, they will go to Disneyland for vacation.

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