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The Extreme Team is headed to Pine Mountain Valley, Georgia. As soon as we get on the bus, we meet Michael Oher and the members of his adoptive family, Leigh Anne and Sean Tuohy. You probably already know that the hit movie "The Blind Side" is based on their inspirational story. We watch the application video of the Williams Family. The youngest member, Jacob, has a disease that causes paralysis from the waist down. The father of the family, Jeremy, was diagnosed with Lou Gehrig's disease two years ago. His wife, Jennifer, felt like her heart had been ripped out when she got the news. Jeremy has not let the disease slow him down. He coaches a high school football team to a perfect 11-0 season. Leigh Anne is impressed, as she knows a little something about inspirational football coaches. The dream home the Williams family bought 13 years ago has become a nightmare. The house seems pretty tight. Paul can tell that Jacob wants to be independent but just doesn't have the access to do so. Tracy spends time with Josie and learns about the responsibilities she has taken upon herself to help her father. She's very mature for her age. Necessary home repairs and improvements have been delayed due to medical bills. Let's get this family the home they deserve. Jeremy knows what hardships may be headed his way in the future, but he tells Ty that his real concern is for his family. We can't help but grab a tissue at this point. We follow Jeremy to the high school where he coaches and witness firsthand the impact he's had on so many young men. To keep with the football theme, in one of the most unique demolitions to date, ESPN football analysts Herm Edwards, Mark Schlereth, Mark May and Desmond Howard team up with the Extreme Team. Ty throws the final pass that literally brings down the house. The designers give us a little insight on some of the themes they want to do for each of the rooms. Leigh Anne shows us her leadership by handling the locker room and promptly whips Michael into shape on the construction site. Wilmer Valderrama even stops by with Handy Manny to offer assistance on Jacob's room. Ty gives the Williams family a call during their vacation to say he has a surprise in store. We soon find out that Demi Lovato is there to meet the family. Jennifer tells us how Jacob and Josie have loved her music since Camp Rock. The family is treated to a performance with Demi singing "Make a Wave." Jennifer describes the way Jeremy has made a wave to everyone around him. When the Williams clan arrives back home, they stop by the school to take a tour of the "Jeremy Williams Field House." Jeremy tells us how football has made him the man he is today He's learned many important life lessons from the game. He also finds more inspiration in the kids than they do in him. "Bus Driver, Move That Bus!" The house will no longer be a trap for Jacob, as he'll now be able to move through it with much more ease.

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