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  • Gary Saurage

    Gary Saurage is a co-owner of Gator Country as well as the head alligator handler. After a tour in the U.S. Air Force, he came to Beaumont, Texas, and started a career in law enforcement, which lasted 18 years. After running a very successful alligator guide/hunting service for years, he turned to the conservation of reptiles. As a result of his building Gator Country, a 15-acre reservation for alligators, crocodiles and snakes, Saurage has participated in many studies on the American alligator, and he holds one of only a few nuisance alligator-hunting permits in the state of Texas. He has most recently been featured on the Animal Planet series River Monsters and has been nominated for Animal Planet's hero of the year.
  • Jana Parr

    Jana Parr is a co-owner of Gator Country as well as the operations manager of the reservation. Upon graduating from college with a degree in microcomputer analysis, she maintained work in this field for 10 years before deciding to open her own business. She began a home daycare, which could also benefit her young children, which she ran for several years. When the idea for Gator Country emerged, her love for animals convinced her to become involved with the project.
  • Kent Turner

    Kent Turner is an alligator handler as well as park manager. After a career in construction, he discovered his true passion was alligators. He began his association with Gator Country as a volunteer for almost two years before becoming a full-time employee. He now is credited with being one of the reservation's best handlers and also has earned the responsibility of educating customers about all the reptiles housed at Gator Country.
  • Arlie

  • Damon

  • Gia

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