I Want to Look Like a High School Cheerleader Again   -  Cast


  • Jay Johnson - Trainer

    Jay Johnson has more than 20 years of hard-core military and fitness training and experience wrapped into a taut, shredded physique. As one of the nation's foremost leaders in fitness and motivation, Johnson brings a streamlined and common-sense philosophy to fitness training for all levels of fitness. He motivates the old-fashioned way -- he pushes, hard. Johnson began his company, Boot Camp Fitness, Inc., in 2001 based on these principles and has developed a large and fiercely loyal following of fitness buffs and beginners. Boot Camp Fitness has helped open doors for Johnson that only a few years ago would have been closed and locked. He has been featured in Muscle and Fitness magazine, Queer Eye for the Straight Guy, Wife Swap, Bloomberg News, ABC's Evening News, Judge Hachett, HBO's Hard Knocks, CMT's Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders: Making the Team, now in its second season, and many others.
  • Lin Johnson - Trainer

    Considered the brains behind the brawn and the yin to husband and business partner Jay Johnson's yang, Lin Johnson possesses a rare blend of physical strength and intellectual might. Coupled with five years of rigorous training through the United States Army, Lin is uniquely qualified to motivate, encourage and train individuals and groups. She holds certifications as a personal trainer, pilates instructor and a life wellness coach. While fulfilling the role of mother and wife, she is also one-half of the most dynamic and effective fitness company in the country, Boot Camp Fitness. Recognizing the unique fitness and nutritional needs of women, Lin also developed and marketed the successful Her Boot Camp series of classes. These classes for women provide a safe, stress-free environment for small groups of women to get motivated to be the best they can be mentally and physically. In addition to her busy duties as a Boot Camp Fitness instructor and business operations manager, Lin also assists Jay with the fitness training of the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders. Lin not only trains the DCC, but is responsible for developing the fitness routines that make the cheerleaders to America's Team the most recognizable spirit squad in the world. She knows first hand the demands of cheerleading, because she was a cheerleader for six years.
  • Brittney

    Currently following her mother's footsteps as a cheer coach and student in Fresno, Calif., Brittney is an ex-member of the San Francisco 49ers cheerleading squad, Gold Rush. Brittney cheered on her team for seven years through three Super Bowl championships. Married to her college sweetheart Julian for 14 years, Brittney now spends her days cheering on and chauffeuring her four children. Not wanting to fully retire her pom-poms, 38-year-old Brittney returned to her alma mater, Clovis West, two years ago to coach the freshman pep squad. A true performer, Brittney's motto is "point your toes and sell it."
  • Cami

    Cami is an established real estate agent residing in Texas. At 30-years-old, Cami has been a cheerleader since kindergarten. Per the drawing her husband made for her, she will be training, "One day at a time." With hopes to find herself again and gain the confidence she needs to try out for the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders again.
  • Carey

    Carey is a 31-year-old fashion photographer born and raised in Los Angeles. In recent years, Carey has been focused on fixing herself mentally and letting herself go physically. Carey was a cheerleader for five years as well as a dance choreographer. She was chubby before originally making the squad, lost the weight to make the team and is ready to do it again for this competition. This single ex-cheerleader would love the opportunity to cheer again if she could make it professionally.
  • Glenneta

    Glenneta (GiGi) is an actress, real estate investor and business owner from Gadsden, Ala. She is the 27-year-old hero to her two children, Marcus and Morgan. She claims she can "bring it" since she was a cheerleader for eight years. In her spare time, GiGi enjoys spending quality time with her family, teaching inspirational dance and directing stage plays. Her future goals include owning her own theatre production company along with utilizing her degree in broadcasting. Her affirmation is "make it happen," and the support of her family inspires her to continue to reach for the sky.
  • Holly

    Holly currently writes and produces plays for theater in New York City. A native of Marshall, Texas, this 26-year-old debutante and three-time All American, has been cheerleading since age 13. Enthusiastic and energetic for the competition, Holly has earned the nickname, "The Machine." She hopes to get back a "rockin'" body to go with her single New York City life.
  • Jamie

    Jamie is a 26-year-old chiropractor and personal trainer from Chicago, who is constantly seeking adventure in her everyday life. Her fondest memories are of cheer camp, and Jamie is tired of being an out-of-shape personal trainer penned up in the gym with clients all day. Jamie has cheered since fourth grade. Through cheerleading again, she is hoping to gain six-pack abs and move out of her safety net of Chicago.
  • Lisa

    Lisa is a 42-year-old interior designer and homemaker from Orange County, Calif. Lisa was a cheerleader for over 25 years, first in school and then as an Oakland Raiderette for 13 years. Her good looks and tireless smile snagged her handsome husband, Rick, with whom she has 20-year-old daughter, Janel, who says she wants to be "just like mom." In order to appear on the series, Lisa will miss her sister's wedding and her own anniversary, but is dedicated to her goal.
  • Randi

    Randi is a 25-year-old commercial model and talent agent currently living in Las Vegas. Originally from Warrenville, Ill., she brings her hot girl looks and fierce attitude to the competition. With eight years of cheerleading experience behind her, Randi is the youngest and lightest girl in the competition. Randi hopes to run a successful agency and hopes to gain some on-camera hosting experience.
  • Shameika

    Shameika is a former television news producer from Asheville, NC. This single 30-year-old brings a killer smile and slight attitude to the squad. Shameika is very competitive, and has been cheerleading and coaching since second grade. While working on a master's degree and looking for a new career in front of the camera or on center stage, her patented, "Shameika Don't Run" declaration just might be what takes her past the competition.
  • Stephanie

    Stephanie lives the single life in Hollywood, Calif. as a runner, artist and salesperson. Currently in jewelry sales, 31-year-old Stephanie aspires to one day become an on-field NFL correspondent. In high school in San Jose, Calif., Stephanie became captain of her high school squad after only cheering for three years. Stephanie hopes to lose weight, gain confidence and maybe start her own business one day.

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