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  • Field of Schemes

  • Twister of Fate

    As the Foxworthys brace for a tornado, Jeff and Karen wonder who would look after the kids if anything happened to them.
  • Wrestling Opera

    Matt talks Jeff into a night of pro wrestling to avoid a class trip to the opera.
  • Real Men

    Karen's business trip ruins Jeff's plans for their anniversary, which he winds up spending with Bill.
  • The Good, the Bad and the Hairless

    Ostracized at school after he wins the most courteous student award, Matt decides to be a prankster just like Jeff.
  • Mooseface Loves Nuzzles

    Jeff promises to do something romantic for Karen, but he gets sidetracked by a trip with Big Jim and the boys from work to a roadhouse where Jeff's chivalrous...
  • Gone Fishin'

    Karen hooks Jeff into a fishing trip with a new friend and her annoying husband.
  • Foxworthy Shall Rise Again

    Jeff's new boss volunteers all loading dock employees to re-enact the Civil War Battle of Briarton. Meanwhile, DMV records indicate Jeff is dead.
  • Big Dogs

    Bill drags Jeff along to an infomercial seminar conducted by an inspirational self-help guru with a down-home style.
  • Jeff, You the Man

    Jeff's victory in a mud-bogging race makes him a hero, but things get down and dirty when his rival Mario Andretti heists his trophy.
  • The Briarton Syndrome

    Jeff's new boss has an accident causing what appears to be a toxic spill on the loading dock -- and prompting an emergency two-day quarantine.
  • Can't Teach an Old Dog New Trick

    The townspeople plan an elaborate funeral for the Foxworthys' beloved dog -- to be buried in a plot alongside one earmarked for Karen.
  • Feud for Thought

    Karen tries to end a long-standing family feud by inviting the rival Raffertys to dinner.
  • Merry Christmas, Y'all

    Jeff and Big Jim are arrested for cutting down a Christmas tree in a state park.
  • The Thanksgiving Episode

    On Thanksgiving, the Foxworthys open the door to a cornucopia of characters, despite Karen's desire to keep things simple.
  • Like Florus, Like Son

    Upset over Jeff's strictness, Matt hits the road as a stowaway in Florus' truck.
  • Puppy Love Triangle

    The Foxworthys worry that Matt is spending too much time with Nettie after his teacher, Miss Blosier, says he's been distracted in school lately. Turns out...
  • The Practical Joke

    The new boss wants Jeff to send Ebb and Candy packing, while Florus and Bill trick the pair into thinking they've won the lottery.
  • The Gift

    After Big Jim gets kicked out by one girlfriend, he lands in the arms of another, and Jeff ponders his dad's special gift.
  • My Dinner With Betty

    Karen invites Bill's ex-wife, Betty, to dinner, which gets Jeff in trouble with all his friends. He's in even more trouble when Betty starts blurting out...
  • The Poor Sportsmen of the Apocalypse

    Jeff and the guys head out to go head-to-head with the brutalities of nature -- and each other -- on a hunting trip. Karen contemplates getting rid of a newly...
  • The List Is Strife

    To better communication, Karen suggests she and Jeff each make lists of things for the other to work on.
  • Where the Donuts Are Good, Not Great

  • One Wedding and a Baby

    Karen finally delivers her baby. Wayne and DeeDee decide to get married.
  • Shootout at the Comedy Corral

    Wayne's success as a stand-up comic inspires Jeff to shoot from the lip to prove he's the funnier Foxworthy.
  • Moonstruck

    Exposure to chicken pox means Matt can't be around pregnant Karen for a few days, so he and Jeff move in with Wayne, who helps expose his nephew to the...
  • He Ain't Heavy, He's a Bully

    Wayne fears someone from his past is out for revenge. Elliot is afraid there's no limit to Lois' suddenly insatiable amorous desires.
  • Deedee Day

    Without consulting Jeff, Wayne hires his flame, a Cajun spitfire, as the shop's receptionist, and Jeff flares at the news.
  • Before You Say "No," Just Hear Me Out

    Jeff's younger brother Wayne arrives with big ideas about how to save the business, but Jeff is reluctant to become partners with his unpredictable sibling.
  • Clan of the Bare Caves

    With Jeff's help, Gayle brings her things down from up north, while the heating-and-air business continues to head south for Jeff.
  • Matt About You

    A note from Matt's school causes confusion when Jeff misinterprets Matt's denial of misbehaving. Karen and Jeff doubledate with Gayle and her potential beau.
  • Foxworthy Family Feud

    Jeff tries to remain neutral in the marital battle between Karen's sister Gayle and her husband Dennis, but Gayle uses Jeff's ambiguous advice and drops a...
  • He's Making a List, Checking It Twice

    When Jeff fails to set up the family's annual Christmas portrait, he gets unwitting help from country singer Travis Tritt, whose tour bus heater he repairs.
  • A Sore Winner

    The Foxworthys appear on America's Funniest Home Videos.
  • Jeff & Ray & Rascal's Big Adventure

    Jeff's not an idiot. It just looks that way when he looks after Elliot's pampered pooch and restless shut-in Raymond, for whom Karen is the usual caretaker.
  • With Two You Get Cow's Milk

    Jeff and Elliot look for a glass of milk -- straight from the cow -- when they team up for a Halloween scavenger hunt.
  • Womb With a View

    The director of Matt's gifted program once accused Jeff of shoddy workmanship. A video of Karen giving birth gets onto the school's tape exchange.
  • Elliot and Victoria's Secret

    Kathy's dad Elliot tells Jeff a big secret about his past while on a fishing trip. Russ and Walt happily tackle a repair job at a lingerie store.
  • The Gene Pool

    Having never learned to swim himself, Jeff believes Matt should, even though he doesn't want to.
  • A Non-Affair to Remember

    One of Karen's co-workers flirts with Jeff, and he feels guilty until Karen's high school flame comes back to town and his jealousy takes over. Walt torments...
  • Jeff's Life 101

    Jeff thinks he's partly paid off a debt to his father-in-law. Think again. A program for his gifted son is going to cost plenty.