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  • Guaranteed to Make You Laugh ... Or Give You Gas
    Comedian Tom Mabe is so funny, CMT is willing to bet you'll laugh or they'll give you gas --a gas card that is. Comedian and prankster Tom Mabe takes on everyday people in everyday life when his new hidden prank series Mabe in America premieres Friday, July 4 at 10:30/9:30c on CMT. CMT is so confident his antics will make viewers laugh, they have backed the show with a $10,000 laugh guarantee, promising $10 gas cards in the "Guaranteed to Make You Laugh or Give You Gas" promotion.

    "CMT is so sure Mabe in America will make you laugh, we're putting our money where our mouth is with the Laugh Guarantee," said Andy Holeman, vice president of consumer marketing, CMT. "I think we will be hard pressed to find 1,000 people who don't agree this show is hilarious, but considering the cost of gas, I don't think we'll have a problem finding people who overlook the 'honor system' for a little help at the gas pump."

    "It's a sad day when your car's Blue Book value doubles with a full tank of super unleaded," adds host Tom Mabe, commenting on the rising cost of gasoline. "Won't be long before NASCAR adds a carpool lane!"

    The light-hearted six-episode series Mabe in America features Mabe and his crew wreaking havoc on unsuspecting passers-by with pranks that include preying on common pet peeves, including annoying loud cell-phone talkers and blue-tooth users, as well as reactions to incompetent doctors and lazy ambulance drivers.

    Tom Mabe is a nationally recognized comedian whose CDs include Prank It Up and Revenge on the Telemarketers. Mabe makes a living delivering jokes about junk-email, bad customer service, high gas prices and anything else that ticks off Americans. He has been dubbed the "troubleshooter-troublemaker" and "comic with a cause" by several national magazines and TV shows.

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