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Man vs. Vegas, Ep. 5
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Daren starts off with one max bet at the roulette table. He then plays craps with 84 year-old Sammy, who says he has been throwing dice for over 70 years, and his wife, Blanche. Daren then plays blackjack with a flight attendant named Troy, a horse trainer named Bill and a National Guard solider named Jennifer, who just returned from a tour of duty in Iraq. He ends the day playing high roller baccarat with two couples from New York -- Emily and Steve and Darren and Kristen. The four friends are in town to celebrate Darren recently overcoming leukemia. Daren finishes the day playing high limit baccarat solo. More on Darren & Kristin: College sweethearts Darren (age 28) and Kristin (age 27), from New York City, were on their annual summer trip to Vegas with friends Steve and Emily when they met Daren. Darren works as a computer programmer, and his girlfriend, Kristin, does medical research. This year's trip was particularly special because the friends were celebrating Darren being in remission after overcoming his yearlong battle with leukemia.

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