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About The Series

Armed with $1 million of his own money, an eccentric high roller will seek revenge on Las Vegas and attempt to win back the $3 million that he lost there in the late 1990s. Daren had it all -- home, family, career, cars and $3million in the bank -- before he gambled it away. As he seeks to settle an old score with the city that once nearly bankrupted him, we will see what it means to be a true Vegas "Whale" through the eyes of an ordinary tourist. He is more than a man with a mission -- he is a man with heart. After selling most of his assets, Daren hits the tables of Vegas armed with $1 million of his own money and steely determination. Daren becomes a sort of Vegas Robin Hood, winning money for the weekend tourists who were playing next to him, tipping struggling cocktail waitresses thousands of dollars, buying cars for complete strangers and just plain giving money away. "I'm doing this for anyone who's ever lost," says Daren, who lives his credo of "go big or go home." Regardless of whether he redeems himself or falls victim to Vegas again, Daren changes the lives of everyone he meets.

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