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  • Josh Murray

    Josh Murray, who goes by "Murray," is a loveable redneck teddy bear (if teddy bears had tattoos and loved to party) from Louise, Miss. This 31-year-old has a big personality and an even bigger appetite. He loves the outdoors and loves not wearing shoes...
  • Lyle Boudreaux

    Lyle Boudreaux is a 28-year-old momma's boy who grew up in the backwoods swamps of Lafayette, La. He considers himself a down-home gentleman with a Cajun swagger and a southern smile that ladies can't resist. Lyle loves the sound of his duck calls, and...
  • Ryan "Daddy" Richards

    Ryan Richards is a 33-year-old southern ladies man from Orange Beach, Ala. He refers to himself as "Daddy" and his past proves that he has had better luck hunting women than deer. Daddy has an appetite for courting danger and he never leaves home without...

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  • Back in the Saddle [PHOTOS]

    As the roommates arrive in Biloxi, Mississippi, for another wild vacation, they quickly realize they're a Lil' Bit short of eight people. See photos.
  • Battle of the Buns [PHOTOS]

    Walt and Daddy continue their competition to see who can get to Hott Dogg's buns first. After a surprise marriage proposal goes off the rails, two roommates shock the house when they end up in bed together. See photos.
  • 29 Going on Thirsty [PHOTOS]

    Things get crazy on Boudreaux's birthday. Lyle makes out with a lobster, his cake crash lands in the pool and Hott Dogg wakes up in someone else's bed. See photos.
  • Spilling, Spelling and Spaghetti [PHOTOS]

    Tiffany and Lauren explode on Hannah after she douses them with soda. Then, Daddy comes to her rescue and gets her out of the line of fire. See photos.