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About The Series

The time is the late 1880s, and the Western frontier is disappearing fast. With the advent of forensic science techniques coming out of places like London's Scotland Yard and New York City's police department, modern crime fighting and investigative methods are literally being invented, employed and perfected by men and women with the vision to see that these new techniques will change the way crimes are solved forever. Civilization and the industrial age have arrived in Silver City, Colo., with a vengeance. Silver City is a tough, rugged, Rocky Mountain mining town that is indicative of the dangerous times of the Old West, populated by a rogues gallery of shady characters including thieves, criminals, hoodlums, thugs, profiteers, drifters, business tyrants and scoundrels. Presiding over Silver City is Federal Marshal Jared Stone (Tom Berenger), a reluctantly tough but fair and likeable man who realizes that he doesn't quite understand what this new wave of the future will bring. However, he is wise and humble enough to know that men like him -- men who live by the code of the gun and the unspoken laws of the Old West -- are a dying breed. The winds of change are most certainly blowing. These same winds soon bring an unlikely crime fighting team into Marshal Stone's life: Larimer Finch (Peter O'Meara), a young, brilliant, Scotland Yard-trained Pinkerton agent and clever and beautiful local mortician Katie Owen (Amy Carlson), who has left medical school to return home and run her family's mortuary business. Together, the threesome becomes a formidable crime-fighting team as they investigate various cases in and around Silver City. Stone, the people person, Finch, the technical forensics wizard, and Owen, the mortician and medical examiner, combine to bring their respective talents to bear on mysteries of all kinds -- mysteries that as little as five years earlier would likely have gone unsolved, but now can be solved due to the new (and still evolving) modern crime-fighting techniques now available to them through forensic science. There is no doubt that Marshall Stone has the boldness and vision to embrace the future. But can he move forward while still holding on to the things that he holds most true and dear? Peacemakers is the story of the drama -- and sometimes, the comedy -- of Marshal Stone's adventures during one of history's most dangerous and exciting times.

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