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CMT follows rookie bull riders aka "young guns" on the PBR circuit looking for that eight-second ride and the million dollar prize. These young,... Read More



  • Shane Proctor Interview
    Shane Proctor talks about bull riding, his friends and a bull named Stony. Read his interview.
  • Skeeter Kingsolver Interview
    Skeeter Kingsolver talks about injuries, his family and female fans. Read the interview.
  • Austin Meier
    Austin Meier talks about baseball, his family and life on the road.
  • Sean Willingham Interview
    Sean Willingham talks about his average day, his competitors and his career goals.
  • Jessi Proctor Interview
    Jessi Proctor talks about her husband Shane, her family and boots. Read the interview.
  • Brian Canter Interview
    Brian Canter talks about his family, injuries and his free time.
  • Kasey Hayes Interview
    Kasey Hayes talks about driving, injuries and his idol.
  • Ryan Dirteater Interview
    Ryan Dirteater talks about injuries, his down time and his fans.

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