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  • Steve Austin

    One of the most popular pro-wrestling superstars of all time, Steve Austin has been busy reinventing himself since retiring from the ring in 2003. The hugely popular WWE Hall of Fame inductee hit the big screen in 2010 in Sylvester Stallone's action...


  • Amnesty

    21, Kennesaw, Ga. Amnesty might be small, but she's feisty. She loves the mud, the outdoors, hunting and shooting. She is a smokin' hot redneck who loves pink, can melt any boy's heart and will make all the women on the island jealous of her. This...
  • Bayly

    22, Brandenburg, Ky. Bayly grew up and still lives on a family farm in Kentucky. She loves putting on her camo overalls and heading to the stables any chance she gets. Her love for animals exceeds to caring for 14 rescue dogs. This daddy's girl is...
  • Brandon

    27, Ellisville, Miss. Brandon grew up in the country -- running around in the woods, swimming in the creeks, fishing, four-wheeling, hunting and drinking beer. He lost his home he shared with his grandparents during Hurricane Katrina. Although he...

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