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Hall of Fame professional wrestler Steve Austin invites eight elite athletes to his ranch each week to compete in head to head battles until only one is left... Read More


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  • Steve Austin

    Steve 'Stone Cold' Austin, six-time World Wrestling Federation Champion and 2003 WWE Hall of Fame inductee has been busy since retiring from the ring in 2003. Austin began his acting career in 2005 with a breakout performance in the Adam Sandler starrer,...


  • Heather

    Women's champ from season one, Heather, plays in the Women's Professional Football League. She may be one of the smallest on the team, but she's also one of the fastest. She grew up playing soccer and hates to lose at anything she competes in....
  • Tommy

    When you look up the word "athlete" in the dictionary, chances are you'll see a picture of Tommy, reigning men's champion. The Salt Lake City resident finished second in the world at the CrossFit games and has won two world team competitions. In college...
  • Casey

    Casey moonlights as a pro wrestler who goes by the name "Lionheart." He crunches numbers by day and crushes skulls at night. He considers himself an all-around athlete, participating in yoga and strength training, while competing in extreme obstacle...

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