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Truckers and fashion models have one thing in common -- the right to be sexy. However, weight watching on the road is virtually impossible for the long-haul... Read More

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  • Bob Guiney

    Introduced to America on ABC's hugely popular hit The Bachelor, America's favorite "Ex-Bachelor" Bob Guiney has been in our living rooms ever since. Bob is the host of all of ABC's comedic interstitial programming, while maintaining the spot as...


  • Harmonie Krieger

    Harmonie Krieger, co-founder of Uniquely Chic, an image consulting business, was raised in Scarsdale, New York. After she received a bachelor of science degree in marketing from Syracuse University's School of Management, Harmonie left her East Coast...
  • Aaron Aguilera

    Aaron Aguilera grew up in Southern California, with the lifelong dream of entertaining people. He's been able to realize that dream, by putting his life and body on the line in the ring as a professional wrestler in WWE's Friday Night Smackdown...
  • Brian Greenlee

    A sense of style is not Brian Greenlee's strongest attribute, but you have to give it to him. Greenlee, 48, of Victorville, Calif., has proven without a doubt that he stands by his conviction that if something works, why mess with it? Not only does he...

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