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  • 20 Questions With Ty Murray

    In the days leading up to the premiere of Ty Murray's Celebrity Bull Riding Challenge on CMT, we invited fans to submit questions for the seven-time All Around Rodeo Champion. In his responses, Murray reflects on a variety of topics, including today's best cowboys, his favorite country artists and his clash with a bull named White Lightning.

    1. I got to watch you many times, and you were so incredible in the arena. Looking at some of the cowboys now like Justin McBride, J.B. Mauney and Chris Shivers, some in which you have competed with before, who do you believe has the best chance at beating your records like you beat Larry Mahan's? And who has that drive and determination like we saw every night and day with you?

    Murray:Justin McBride is one of the best I've seen come along. He has what it takes. It's just one of those things where only time will tell. Justin McBride, J.B. Mauney, Brian Canter, all the young guys look like they have that determination and love of the game.

    2. What person do you look up to the most?

    My dad has had the biggest influence on my life as well as Cody Lambert and Jim Sharp.

    3. Have you retired from bull riding, or is this in addition to collecting broken bones on those intimidating animals? When we can get it on broadcast TV? We enjoy watching.

    Yes, I am retired. The show begins Aug. 10 on CMT.

    4. If you could only eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be?


    5. Who is your favorite country music artist?

    George Strait and Chris LeDoux

    6. Ty, what was the worst thing to happen to you when riding on riding bulls?

    Tore my posterior cruciate ligament (PCL) in my right knee.

    7. Ty, do you still live in Stephenville? About 12-15 years ago I lived down the road from you in an old two-story and later saw you in Vegas at the Coke store. I saw you on TV the other night racing a car. You look a bit different from that scrawny kid I first met.


    8. Hey, Ty! I was wondering what bull gave you the most difficulty when you were riding?

    White Lightning owned by Dan Russell. I attempted him five times and he throwed me off each time. Our styles just clashed.

    9. I was wandering why people like you who have made enough money to live out your lifetime don't just enjoy life and stop wanting to be in the public eye?

    Helping to continue the growth and awareness of professional bull riding is enjoyable to me.

    10. On a night off, what is your favorite thing to do?

    Be home at the ranch.

    11. Ty, when a cowboy who is also a stock contractor draws one of his own bulls, what happens?

    He has to ride him.

    12. Hey Ty, who are going to be the contestants on the Celebrity Bull Riding Challenge?

    Stephen Baldwin, "Cowboy" Kenny Bartram, Dan "Nitro" Clark, Jon (Jonny Fairplay) Dalton, Leif Garrett, Josh Haynes, Rocket (Raghib) Ismail, Francesco Quinn, Vanilla Ice (Robert Van Winkle)

    13. How old were you when you made your first bull ride? And did your mother know you were going to do it?

    I got on my first bull when I was 9 but didn't start really riding them until I was 13. Yes, my mom knew.

    14. How do riders survive? Unless they're doing really well, they don't make that much money. Do they get sponsors? I never really understood how that works. Thanks Ty. I love the sport. I have so much respect for these men. I am a big supporter and spread the word.

    Money is there to be won. If your ability is not allowing you to get the money, then you need to practice or quit.

    15. Dear Ty Murray: Hi, this may sound very much crazy. But, any suggestions? I am of an elderly stage/state (70 soon) and I hold a membership in the PRCA as a non-contestant. I have been thinking lately about going and trying rodeo riding school! Any advice and suggestion from a professional rodeo cowboy will be most welcome. And will be taken serious. A friend of mine thinks that I have gone crazy, but I told him that I have been thinking about this for quite some time now. Thank you very much and will always take into heart any suggestions from you.

    I don't want to stand in the way of a person's dream, but your friend may right on this one. I think 70 is a little late to be starting.

    16. Ty: The answer is probably obvious, but I enjoy watching bull riding and find it only on occasion. We have only broadcast [TV], no cable or satellite. Any way to see it more often?

    There will be some PBR events on network TV coming up soon. Check the TV schedule on www.pbrnow.com.

    17. Ty, I was wondering what the secret ingredient to bull riding is, that will make any rider no matter the size, shape or strength be able to hold on for the full eight?

    I'm not aware of a secret ingredient. If you come across one, let me know.

    18. What do you think of women riding?

    I think women are cut out for bull riding about as much as they are for playing linebacker in the NFL.

    19. What are your career plans for the future?

    I don't really feel like I have any mountains to climb. I just want to continue on with my role in the PBR to see how much we can continue to make this sport grow.

    20. Do you like dogs?

    Answer: Yes

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