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  • Endless Love

    Shania concludes her tour, weds Frédéric Thiébaud in Puerto Rico and records a duet of "Endless Love" with Lionel Richie.
  • Finding My Voice

    Shania goes to New York for a photo shoot; meets with music producer David Foster about her single "Today" and must summon up the courage to sing for him; and...
  • Fear Is Just a Four-letter Word

    Shania seeks to regain her voice at a Taos, N.M., retreat that specializes in coping with grief and loss. While there, her therapy includes a challenging rock...
  • What Happens in Vegas

    In Las Vegas, Shania is offered a gig at Caesar's Palace. She also seeks advice from her old friend Gladys Knight on how to regain her voice and confidence.
  • Battling Betrayal

    Shania visits the Canadian cities where her career took off. The hour also focuses on her struggles with fame, romance with her ex-husband, producer Robert...
  • From This Moment On

    Follow Shania Twain as she sets out to regain her voice (and put her life back together as well) following a painful divorce. Joining her on the way: her...