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Ep. 107: Rutherford Family
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They call their 50-acre property Rutherford Ranch. Adam and Pamela share genteel lifestyle with their two teenage daughters (Adam's from a previous marriage), two young sons, three horses and a dog. They have a 5,000 square foot house and many toys (for grownups and kids) such as ATVs, horses and ski equipment. But, they make it clear to the kids every day that they have what they have purely because of hard work and a commitment to excellence. In 2004, Adam and his partner started and grew Spanish Springs Construction, a company devoted to giving the best quality and service in the heavy construction industry. The Rutherfords pride themselves on being stricter than other parents. They believe their philosophy about hard work is the key to a good life, and they are devoted to giving their kids the tools they'll need to succeed in life and relationships. The parents aren't used to dealing with back talk or rebellion -- that is until Desiree and Brian come into their home for a week. Self control and discipline are alien principles to these two rebellious teenagers. From the moment they arrive at the family's Reno ranch, the culture clash results in explosive conflict. The Rutherford parents attempt to force a change, but will the teens' defiance buckle under the strict regime, or will they end up running for the hills?

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