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Ep. 202 Malone Family
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The Malone Family is from Chardon, Ohio and believes that hard work teaches respect, values, and empowerment. Everyday chores are tackled before breakfast and everyone pulls their weight to get the job done. Terry is a retired SWAT commander and he and his wife, Pamela, share a keen eye for misdemeanors and don't miss a trick. They're "sensibly strict" with no tolerance for dishonesty. Any kid that tries to pull a fast one gets busted, and that means a dose of Pamela's "boot camp." For the next week, the Malones will take in Taylor and Gina, two dishonest and disrespectful teens who call the shots at home and turn their noses up at authority. But will a week with the Malones transform these teens and instill some integrity and a desire to tow the line at home?

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