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Ep. 203 Smith Family
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The Smiths are a family of overachievers who train and show horses on their farm in Findlay, Ohio. They feel that working with horses provides kids with the values of responsibility and respect, as well as teaches them the need for commitment and teamwork. Their high standards have paid off as both their children are well behaved horse-riding champions. For the next week, the Smiths' parenting skills will be tested to the limit when two underachieving and disrespectful teenagers come to stay with the family. Neither Chloie nor Kody are prepared for the work ethic and expectations that they face -- and their response is defiant and deviant behavior. The Smiths aim to show them that feigning responsibility only leads to more grueling chores and negative consequences. But will a week of the uncompromising regime change the teens' ways or just provoke dangerously escalating conflict?

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