• AndreyaCast Member

    Andreya still cares about Brian, but she doesn't know if she's in love with him. While there is part of her that still wants to be with him, she’s tired of seeing him sit back and let life pass him by. And although Andreya may be on the fence about Brian, she has a hard time imagining him with anyone else.

  • AustinCast Member

    Austin is a church-going heartthrob with strong family values. No matter the situation, he always has his friends' and his younger brother Sebastian’s back.

  • BethCast Member

    Beth works hard at the local country bar to support herself and help out her family, but she wants more from life—a career, a husband, kids—the real American Dream. Beth was just admitted to the local university, making her the first of her friends or family to go to college. Now if she could ever find the right guy she would be on her way to “happily ever after.”

  • BrianCast Member

    Brian is the life of the party with a huge heart, even if it seems like he's a kid in a grownup body. Although they broke up four years ago, Brian is still in love with his ex-girlfriend Andreya. Andreya wants a stable man by her side, and he's determined to show her he's up for the job.

  • KennyCast Member

    Kenny's a firefighter, aspiring musician and Brian’s best buddy. He and Beth have had chemistry for a while, but have always kept things platonic to protect their friendship. When Beth needs help Kenny's there for her, leaving the two of them wondering if maybe this year they’ll give it a go.

  • KerrynCast Member

    Kerryn is a country girl with faith-based values. She’s looking for love, but sometimes seems to search in all the wrong places. Her romantic forays may test her friendships, but in the end, maybe she'll find the one.

  • ShelbyCast Member

    Brian’s kid sister Shelby is the youngest of the group, but often the most mature. Even though Andreya and Brian broke up four years ago, she and Andreya are still the best of buddies and now roommates.