• AlexandraCast Member

    Alexandra is a Nashville native and pageant queen who has her eyes on the title of Miss Tennessee USA. Obsessed with following in her mother's footsteps and earning the crown, Alexandra has been training with her cousin Jackson and will stop at nothing to win.

  • AlisaCast Member

    A Los Angeles native who moved to Nashville to pursue her ambition of singing and writing country music, despite her family's doubts. With no formal training, she's trying to get traction in a city where everyone has dreams of making it big. She's also searching for someone to sweep her off her feet, a task that's been challenging considering she's picky to a fault.

  • BryantCast Member

    Bryant is a drummer in an up-and-coming Nashville band. Aside from drumming, Bryant is also a music producer and tv/film composer. He's determined to put his career first and knows he'll never love anyone as much as he loves music. Bryant admires Nashville greatly for its endless opportunities and all the musically-minded people who live here.

  • JacksonCast Member

    A fitness instructor and personal trainer born and bred in Nashville, with Southern charm and looks to kill. When he is not helping his friends and family get into shape, he can be found cooking at home or hanging out downtown with friends.

  • JessicaCast Member

    Better known to her friends as JMack, Jessica is an all-American Southern belle originally from Little Rock, Arkansas. She has lived in Nashville for nearly five years and is pursuing her dreams as a singer-songwriter in country music, while also searching for the man of her dreams.

  • KerryCast Member

    Kerry Degman is a country singer-songwriter originally from Beaverton, Oregon. Kerry, along with his wife, Rachyl, moved from California to Nashville so Kerry could pursue his musical dreams. They now reside there along with their two-year-old son, Wolfgang. As his career blossoms, Kerry must navigate the temptations of life on the road and learn firsthand the personal sacrifice that comes with following your dreams. When he's not performing on stage, Kerry enjoys spending his free time doing anything outdoors and off the grid.

  • RachylCast Member

    Rachyl Degman is a Colorado native who moved to Nashville with her husband, Kerry, to support his dreams of singing/songwriting and they now reside there with their two-year-old son, Wolfgang. Feeling often like a single parent, Rachyl struggles to balance motherhood with her goals of attending law school. When she's not busy being a full time wife and mother, you can find Rachyl binge-watching a good show with a glass of red wine or out watching live music with friends.

  • SarahCast Member

    Sarah is a Texas native who followed her musical dreams to Nashville. After a bad breakup left her wounded, Sarah has struggled to find someone who won't break her heart in a city where everyone is looking out for themselves. Worried she may have to relocate, Sarah is giving her career and her personal life a final push in the hopes that she will finally find what she is looking for.