• RachylCast Member

    Young wife and mother Rachyl tries to figure out what's next after giving up on her dream of going to law school. When her husband Kerry drops a bomb that changes their lives once again and puts his dream ahead of hers, she needs to decide if she can take being sidelined any longer. When Jeremiah, an old flame from Rachyl's past, comes back to town, the two reconnect -- behind Kerry's back. As Rachyl heads down a dangerous path, she pushes away her old friends, especially the disapproving Jessica.

  • KerryCast Member

    After pounding the pavement for years as a struggling musician, Kerry decides it's time to step up his game and make some major changes, which include a total image overhaul, but when his dreams once again divide him and his wife Rachyl, he must decide what matters most to him and what is truly worth fighting for.

  • AlexandraCast Member

    Queen bee Alexandra is busy preparing for the most important day of her life: competing in the Miss U.S.A. pageant. She relies on her go-to trainer and cousin Jackson to get her into shape for the big day, but unfortunately he's become completely obsessed with his new girlfriend Baylee and spends all his time with her. When Jackson chooses to stay by Baylee's side instead of being there for Alexandra, it's war between the two cousins, and Alexandra does whatever she can to pump the brakes on Jackson's budding relationship.

  • JacksonCast Member

    Always one to jump into things quickly, personal trainer Jackson has again fallen hard in love, this time with his new girlfriend Baylee. He is already talking about buying an engagement ring and getting married, and his family and friends, especially his cousin Alexandra, are worried he is taking things too fast. As Jackson struggles to create a dream future for Baylee and himself, the tension with Alexandra grows. These cousins will soon find out if blood really is thicker than water.

  • AlisaCast Member

    After swearing off dating fellow musicians, singer-songwriter Alisa finally fell for drummer Bryant on New Year's Eve, but she soon found out dating a drummer who's always on the road isn't a walk in the park. When Alisa suspects Bryant fooled around while out of town, she is determined to find out the truth by confronting him -- and the other woman.

  • JessicaCast Member

    Recently engaged Jessica, saving herself for marriage, gears up for her wedding with her doctor fiance Dre. With her dress fittings, bachelorette party and nerves about her wedding night, Jessica has a lot on her plate. When she finds out what Rachyl is doing behind her husband's back, the former friends grow apart, and Jessica questions whether or not Rachyl has a place in her new life.

  • BryantCast Member

    Bryant is a drummer in an up-and-coming band in Nashville, TN. Aside from drumming, Bryant is also a music producer and a TV/film composer. He's determined to put his career first and knows he'll never love anyone as much as he loves music. Bryant greatly admires Nashville for its endless opportunities and all the musically minded people who live in the city.

  • SarahCast Member

    Sarah is a Texas native who followed her musical dreams to Nashville, TN. After a bad breakup left her wounded, she has struggled to find someone who won't break her heart in a city where everyone is looking out for themselves. Worried she may have to relocate, Sarah gives her career and her personal life a final push in hopes that she will finally find what she is looking for.