• Chris and Aimee and FamilyCast Member
    Chris and Aimee and Family

    Chris, 34, is a hard-working country boy from Shreveport, La. Chris and Aimee have dated for three years. Chris has one daughter, Christian, and enjoys spending time outdoors -- especially on his bass boat or out in the woods during deer season. Chris has many friends and is willing to strike up a conversation with anyone.Aimee, 37, is a self-described country girl from Shreveport, La., who loves the simple life. Aimee and her boyfriend Chris have dated for three years. Aimee has two children, Morgan and Mason, who are her life. Aimee enjoys most outdoor activities such as hunting, fishing and mud riding. Aimee is an atypical woman -- she doesn't like to shop, rarely wears makeup and doesn't spend a lot of time fixing her hair. In her free time, she enjoys making custom cakes for friends and family. Aimee loves animals -- she currently has three dogs, two cats and two chickens.Christian, 17, is a high school senior from Shreveport, La. Christian describes herself as tomboy with a twist -- she loves the outdoors and playing softball, but she also enjoys putting on makeup, talking on her cell phone and flirting with boys. Christian is close with her father, having grown up hunting and fishing with him. She is the prankster of the group and usually plays pranks on Mason.Morgan, 15, is a high school freshman from Shreveport, La. Morgan is a typical teenage girl who hates school but loves boys, clothes and parties. There are a few things that set Morgan apart from fellow teenage girls, though -- she loves to hunt, fish and get muddy. Morgan loves shopping and will go to the mall every chance she gets. Morgan may not always dress the part, but deep down she's a country girl at heart.Mason, 10, from Shreveport, La., likes to ride his bike, shoot his bow, fish and play with his black lab. Mason plays football for his school and hopes to play professionally in the future. Mason enjoys hunting and spending time with his mother, but not so much his sister Morgan.

  • Doug and Wendy and FamilyCast Member
    Doug and Wendy and Family

    Doug, 29, is a registered nurse from Shreveport, La. Doug and his wife, Wendy, have two kids, Brody and Presley. Doug does things at his own pace and never gets in a hurry for anyone or anything -- unless it involves getting ready for hunting season. Doug tends to be the jokester of the group, loving to irritate his family. He enjoys taking his wife and kids mud riding.

    Wendy, 27, is a pediatric nurse from Shreveport, La. Wendy is married to Doug and has two kids, Brody and Presley. Wendy is athletic and loves playing sports, but mud riding is her favorite outdoor activity. Wendy is very outgoing and loves to spend time with her family and friends.

    Brody, 5, enjoys helping his mother clean the house, especially vacuuming. Brody loves movie nights and popcorn with his mother. Brody has a hair fascination -- whether it is his or someone else's, he'll fix it. Brody loves to be outside and also loves to visit his grandparents -- all five sets of them.

    Presley, 2, is a spitfire of a toddler, but as "Daddy's little girl," she gets her way most of the time. Presley enjoys mud riding with her parents and brother and would rather be outside than indoors any time of the day.

  • Jared and MichelleCast Member
    Jared and Michelle

    Jared, 28, from Shreveport, La., has one son, Kenton, and is engaged to Michelle. Jared works in the oil and gas industry, but when he's not working, he spends as much time as possible with his son. Jared and Kenton enjoy hunting, fishing and mud riding together. Jared says some see him as the outlaw of the family, but he just likes to have a good time, hang out with friends and listen to loud country music.Michelle, 22, is a self-described "country princess" from Shreveport, La. Michelle is engaged to Jared, and originally from northern Arkansas, Michelle is considered the "Yankee" of the group. She is a girly girl who enjoys shopping and having her nails done, but these things don't stop her from getting down and dirty either -- she also enjoys mud riding, fishing and hunting with Jared.

  • Tommy and TammyCast Member
    Tommy and Tammy

    Tommy, 42, is a father of three from Shreveport, La. Tommy and Tammy are married and have been together for two years. Tommy has and eight-year-old son, Hunter. When Tommy isn't working or spending time with family, he can be found in the woods. Tommy enjoys collecting and shooting rifles, shotguns, handguns and bows. His favorite road trip snacks include beef jerky and chips with cream cheese and salsa. Tommy's favorite place visited on season 3 of My Big Redneck Vacation was Deadwood, South Dakota because of the scenery and old western atmosphere. He enjoyed playing flip cup while on the road because of the added challenge of playing in a moving vehicle.Tammy, 40, is a girly country lady from Shreveport, La. Tammy and Tommy are married and have been together for two years. have been dating for nine months. Tammy is mom to daughter Jessica and a spoiled Chihuahua named Drake. Monday through Friday, Tammy wears high heels, but on the weekend she trades in her heels for cowboy boots. Tammy loves being outside, grilling, mud riding and hunting. Her favorite road trip snacks include beef jerky and chips with cream cheese and salsa. Tammy's favorite destination on season 3 of My Big Redneck Vacation was San Francisco because she got to drive a race car.