• Avery Barkley (as played by Jonathan Jackson)Cast Member
    Avery Barkley (as played by Jonathan Jackson)

    When Avery first arrived in Nashville, he was a passionate and headstrong alt-country music writer who was paying his dues grinding out local gigs and hustling his demos. A bad record contract failed to provide him with a fast-track to fame but Avery’s finally finding success as a music producer. After helping Juliette Barnes produce a country music hit, Avery and Juliette began a tumultuous relationship that has seen its share of joys – including the birth of their daughter Cadence – and hardships – including Juliette’s struggles with post-partum depression and substance abuse. After Juliette’s plane crash, Avery must juggle his responsibilities to her and his lingering desire to pursue music.

  • Daphne Conrad (as played by Maisy Stella)Cast Member
    Daphne Conrad (as played by Maisy Stella)

    The youngest daughter of Rayna James and Teddy Conrad, Daphne has already faced a few life-changing events, including her parents’ divorce, discovering that Deacon is her sister’s biological father, and Teddy’s imprisonment. But with the death of her mother, Daphne finds herself facing all new obstacles as she discovers her place within the new family dynamic and enters her formative teenage years.

  • Deacon Claybourne (as played by Charles Esten)Cast Member
    Deacon Claybourne (as played by Charles Esten)

    Twenty years ago Deacon Claybourne and Rayna Jaymes teamed up as songwriters. She became a star and he became her bandleader. They were a romantic couple, but something kept their love apart: Deacon’s alcoholism made a relationship impossible. But after he found sobriety and narrowly escaped a bout with liver cancer, it seemed they were on their way to a life they always envisioned together. But that all changed one night… With the tragic death of the love of his life, Deacon fights to move forward. He now faces a reality of single-handedly raising two girls while at the helm of Highway 65 -- striving to keep Rayna’s dream alive.

  • Gunnar Scott (as played by Sam Palladio)Cast Member
    Gunnar Scott (as played by Sam Palladio)

    Hard working, wholesome and big-hearted—Gunnar's wide-Texas grin says it all. But don't let his aw-shucks demeanor fool you: behind those pearly whites is a mountain of talent, ambition and charm. This young man didn’t come to Nashville to just run the soundboard at The Bluebird Café, and after a lot of hard work he’s found some measure of success as a songwriter and as one half of the country duo The Exes, the other half being Scarlett O’Connor. The two are country music’s favorite on-again-off-again couple who have never seemed to get the timing right.

  • Juliette Barnes (as played by Hayden Panettiere)Cast Member
    Juliette Barnes (as played by Hayden Panettiere)

    Nothing’s come easy to Juliette. With a troubled mother, and a father she lost while still a little girl, Juliette was forced to raise herself. She’s damaged, but driven, and just three years after arriving in Nashville, became the #1 crossover artist in the country. But Juliette’s ambition can never be satisfied, and that constant need to be on top takes a toll on her loved ones, including her baby daughter Cadence and Cadence’s father, Avery. After surviving the plane crash that shook Music City, she finds herself dealing with the lingering effects – both mentally and physically. As she fights to revive her career and deal with the loss of Rayna, she finds out once again that nothing comes easy.

  • Maddie Jaymes (as played by Lennon Stella)Cast Member
    Maddie Jaymes (as played by Lennon Stella)

    It comes as no surprise that Maddie Jaymes is a talented singer, songwriter and guitarist—she is the daughter of Rayna Jaymes and Deacon Claybourne after all. Maddie is now taking steps to further her solo career and prove herself artist on her own terms and success finds her quickly. But with the loss of her mother, Maddie faces the uncertain and unforgiving music industry without the support and guidance of Rayna.

  • Scarlett O'Connor (as played by Clare Bowen)Cast Member
    Scarlett O'Connor (as played by Clare Bowen)

    Scarlett grew up on a farm near Natchez, Miss., never dreaming she’d become a performer like her uncle Deacon. She instead gravitated toward poetry, but her friend Gunnar Scott could see that Scarlett’s words demanded to be put to music. Fortune smiled upon Scarlett and Gunnar’s country duo The Exes, but their tumultuous on-again-off-again relationship is a constant threat to the band’s existence and to each other’s sanity.

  • Will Lexington (as played by Chris Carmack)Cast Member
    Will Lexington (as played by Chris Carmack)

    As a rapidly rising country music star, Will is accustomed to living his life in the public eye while keeping his personal life to himself. But there’s one major secret that he can’t keep private anymore: he’s gay. His slowness to reveal the truth about himself has caused Will a lot of heartache, and the consequences of his coming out have also been painful. Will prefers to simply be known as a musician and an artist, but he’s slowly coming to terms with the fact that his position comes with certain responsibilities, and perhaps he’s even coming to embrace it.