• Robert Reynolds Host
    Robert Reynolds

    Robert Reynolds

    Musician and Lover and Collector of Music Memorabilia

    Robert Reynolds was born Kansas City, Mo., and is the first of seven children. While still young, he moved to Dallas and fondly remembers driving around in his mom's convertible blasting rock 'n' roll and country music on the radio. His parents had a love of music, and he grew up playing his mom's record collection.

    Reynolds' family then moved to Miami, where he started going to garage sales with his mom and looking for that next great album to purchase. Her early influence cultivated his love for music and introduced him to a vast assortment of music genres. He started his own collection at an early age, starting with Beatles memorabilia at the age of 10 in 1972.

    At the age of 14, Reynolds began flipping antiques at the local flea markets and antique shows. He also began playing the guitar at that time, put his first band together at 16 and started getting paying gigs right off.

    He met his fellow bandmates, the Mavericks, in Miami when he was 27. After years of collecting, Reynolds sold his Beatles collection to buy a bass guitar and amp for his start with the Mavericks. The band played in Florida for a number of years and by age 30, Reynolds and his bandmates moved to Nashville. MCA Records signed the Mavericks to a record deal in 1992 and by the mid-90s, they had accumulated a collection of gold and platinum records, including a Grammy in 1996.

    Being a musician has allowed him to further his love for collecting music memorabilia and allowed him to be an armchair music historian. Reynolds loves to consume volumes of music biographies such as Jim Morrison, John Lennon, Hank Williams and Buddy Holly.

    Memorabilia collecting went a step further when he met Stephen Shutts in the late '90s. Elvis jewelry and rare Patsy Cline letters brought the two musicians together, and their love of collecting made them fast friends on the hunt for the next big item. Reynolds and Shutts are partners on the brand Rockology.

  • Stephen M. ShuttsHost
    Stephen M. Shutts

    Stephen M. Shutts

    Music Historian

    Proprietor: Rockology and the Rock-N-Roll Pitstop

    Stephen Shutts is an Ohio native who spent his childhood collecting baseball cards like most kids growing up in the '70s. He listened to Buffalo Springfield, the Jackson 5, the Monkees and eventually Elvis. He saw Elvis in concert four times with his father, and little did he know Elvis would prove a life-long influence on his life and business.

    Shutts has been buying, selling, appraising and brokering music memorabilia for two decades. He marketed Elvis' 1956 Audubon Dr. home in Memphis to a world-record sale, purchased and sold the famous Zippin Pippin roller coaster (Elvis' favorite) and rediscovered a long lost country music "holy grail" -- Hank Williams' handwritten notebook.

    He has also appraised, brokered, purchased and bought and sold thousands of Elvis, rock 'n' roll and country music artifacts for two shops -- Rock-N-Roll Pitstop and Rockology -- in addition to private collectors, entities such as the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum, estates of Marty Robbins, Keith Whitley, Jimmie Rodgers and Hank Snow, just to name a few.