• BeckyCast Member

    Baton Rouge, Louisiana
    Becky is a daredevil who's up for any challenge thrown her way. She grew up near the Louisiana bayou, is a skilled water skier and can catch a catfish like no one's business. She wants to play up her soft side during competition and make her competitors think she can't compete, then plans on winning every challenge.

  • BrittneyCast Member

    Teague, Texas
    Brittney wears a huge smile on her face everywhere she goes. She has an infectious personality and she’s also an adoring mother to her two-year-old son. Brittney grew up line-dancing, four-wheeling, fishing and drinking sweet tea. Now she also loves CrossFit, Zumba and attending church.

  • CalebCast Member

    Sweetwater, Tennessee
    Caleb grew up on a farm in Illinois where he learned how to drive and work a tractor when he was five years old. Caleb spends most of his days fishing, hanging on the lake, off-roading in his lifted truck and drinking beer. Caleb picked up his first guitar when he was six years old and immediately fell in love. He loves singing country music and hopes to make it as a musician.

  • CodyCast Member

    Elberta, AlabamaCody is a trouble-making, beer-chugging attention-seeker. When it comes to competition, Cody can get mean. He was kicked off his high school's baseball team for yelling at the coach. He's always been a showoff and loves attention of any kind. He has no shame and has been known to wear his sister's shorts while boating.

  • ConnarCast Member

    Pocahontas, Arkansas
    Connar is a former pageant girl who won the Miss Arkansas Jr. title. This Southerner has no problem getting dirty -- she grew up mud-riding, fishing, horseback-riding and duck-hunting. Guys love her, and she plans on using that to her advantage -- along with her athleticism.

  • Cowboy LucasCast Member
    Cowboy Lucas

    Belgreen, Alabama
    Lucas is a proud cowboy who can't stop getting injured. After a four-wheeling accident, he broke his ankle -- but it didn't stop him from breaking it again the next day after taking off his cast and chasing down a wild cow. Lucas is committed to doing everything with his cowboy boots on and is a master at pranks.

  • DeidreCast Member

    Pasadena, Texas
    Deidre is a feisty Texas gal who loves all things country. On the weekends, you can find her partying, hunting, fishing or four-wheeling. She has the mouth of a sailor, and if you upset her, she has no problem speaking her mind. Deidre doesn't enjoy working out, but she's ready to go for the gold in this competition.

  • DustinCast Member

    Athens, Tennessee
    Dustin grew up in a tiny town mud-riding, four-wheeling, hunting and shooting guns. He’s an athlete who loves sports, target-shooting and drinking games. Dustin will turn anything into a competition. He also loves house parties and is a self-proclaimed ladies' man. If Dustin wins the money, he plans on helping his mom buy a house.

  • DutchCast Member

    Lexington, North Carolina
    Dutch is the rowdiest cowboy around, and is known around his small town as a party animal who can be seen sporting a big belt buckle and cowboy hat, wearing his hair in a bun and riding in his truck. Dutch is extremely competitive and played several sports in high school. He might be a bit out-there, but he’s here to win.

  • GaryCast Member

    Bucksnort, Tennessee
    Gary is all tattoo and muscles, and likes to hunt, frog-gig and party. He used to play some serious football, then went on to become an amateur MMA fighter. Whether he’s chugging beer or fighting in the ring, Gary never backs down from a challenge.

  • HeatherCast Member

    Nicholasville, Kentucky
    Heather grew up four-wheeling, shooting guns and playing in the mud. In 2014, she was crowned Miss Harley Davidson of Florida. Heather is confident and knows how to work a room. If she wins the money, she plans on buying a restored 1971 Dodge Challenger.

  • HunterCast Member

    Kingwood, Texas
    When this tough guy isn't working on oil rigs, you can find him riding motorcycles, drinking beer or taking a last-minute trip to New Orleans. He's the life of the party and loves getting his friends together to raise hell all around Texas. From his time serving in the Navy to his days playing rugby, Hunter knows a thing or two about what it takes to compete.

  • JordenCast Member

    Oak Grove, Alabama
    Jorden is originally from a small town and was crowned Miss Teen Alabama when she was 17. Now she enjoys fishing, hunting and anything outdoors. She considers herself the sweetest girl you'll ever meet -- until you cross her. Jorden is extremely competitive and plans on winning the show without chipping her pink nail polish.

  • JoshCast Member

    Monroe, Louisiana
    Josh is an ultra-competitive athlete and a party animal. He played every sport he could growing up and now hits the gym once a day and boxes three times a week. Josh plans on getting in the heads of the competition by talking trash nonstop. If he wins the money, he plans on buying his mom a car.

  • KatieCast Member

    Pine Bluff, Arkansas
    Katie is the life of the party. She grew up raising animals on a farm, growing crops, hunting, fishing, tractor-riding and four-wheeling. Katie is also very competitive. She likes to let people underestimate her, then comes out guns blazing to edge out the competition.

  • KaylaCast Member

    Benton, Kentucky
    Kayla loves all things beauty-related. You'll never find her leaving the house without her hair and makeup done. When it comes to competitions, Kayla takes cheerleading, modeling, beauty pageants and bikini competitions very seriously. She's here to win and isn’t going to let anything get in her way.

  • MargaretCast Member

    Pontotoc, Mississippi
    Margaret is a Southern princess with a wild side. She's modeled for Playboy magazine and has even gone to parties at the mansion. Growing up, she was a straight-A student, a cheerleader and played the flute in the high school marching band. Margaret says she wants to be underestimated in competition. If she wins the money, she plans to save it for her daughter's college fund.

  • Nicole BassCast Member
    Nicole Bass

    Royse City, TexasM/b>
    Nicole is a dedicated partier and proud Texas native who loves line-dancing, mudding, bow-hunting and fishing. She's ready show her competitors how a true Southerner gets it done. If Nicole wins, she plans to donate a portion of the money to the hospital where her father works, and will buy herself a new lifted truck.

  • RileyCast Member

    Jacksonville, Alabama
    Riley labels himself a career drinker, and in college attempted to befriend all the cops to avoid arrest for public intoxication. He started singing and playing guitar just to get attention from women, and now claims he has so women in his life, he can't keep track of them. Riley says the thought of getting married makes him sick.

  • ShaneCast Member

    Bowling Green, Kentucky
    Shane is a Kentucky boy, born and raised. He’s also a momma’s boy and damn proud of it. Shane is as competitive as they come; he has two brothers and competes in MMA and wrestling, so he knows a thing or two about winning. If he wins the money, he plans on giving his winnings to his mom so she can go to nursing school.

  • TessaCast Member

    Zapata, Texas
    Tessa grew up on a ranch in a small town in Texas, and she can often be found on a shooting range or out fishing. She's always seems to find trouble and a good time, which is why her friends call her Fireball. Tessa is extremely athletic, adventurous and can't wait to show her competitors how tough women from Zapata, Texas, really are.

  • TuffCast Member

    Piggott, Arkansas
    Tuff is the roughest and toughest cowgirl in town. She comes from a family of farmers, and everything she's earned has been a result of blood, sweat and tears. Her daily routine involves breaking and training horses, fishing, playing guitar and singing -- and she’s not afraid to speak her mind. Tuff makes friends quickly and is ready to win that money.