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Gone Country:Chris Kirkpatrick

Chris Kirkpatrick is best known as the founding member of the international pop phenomenon *NSYNC. The multi-award-winning group has sold over 56 million records worldwide. In 1998, *NSYNC released its self-titled debut album with hits like "I Want You Back" and "God Must Have Spent a Little More Time on You." The group's second album, No Strings Attached, was released in 2000 and holds the record for most albums sold in a week, with 1.1 million sold on the first day. In 2001, Rolling Stone magazine named *NSYNC "the biggest band in the world."

In 1999, during a hiatus from the band, Kirkpatrick founded FuMan Skeeto Enterprises, a creative arts company with a special focus on clothing design.

After *NSYNC, Kirkpatrick pursued a solo vocal career. With the band Little Red Monsters, he debuted two songs, "Jodi's Song" and "Who am I." In 2005, Kirkpatrick released the tracks, "My World," "Everybody Gets Lost," and "Say You Will," with his new band, Nigel's 11.

Between 2002 and 2005, Kirkpatrick lent his acting and vocal skills to the Nickelodeon cartoon, "The Fairly Odd Parents," as the teeth-loving pop star, Chip Skylark. He also performed many songs on the television soundtrack.