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Gone Country:Sean Young

Sean Young has starred in over three dozen feature films including Blade Runner, No Way Out, Wall Street, Fatal Instinct and Ace Venture: Pet Detective.

Before becoming an actress, Young worked as a model and dancer, and attended the School of American Ballet in New York.

Young's body of work has established her versatility in leading roles. In Blade Runner, she appeared as an other worldly Replicant opposite Harrison Ford. In No Way Out, she played a seductive mistress to Kevin Costner, and in Wall Street, she served as Michael Douglas' trophy wife.

Since 2000, Young has appeared in a variety of independent films and TV roles, including Boston Public and Reno 911! In 2005, she spent four months in Russia filming the miniseries Esenin, in which she played dancer Isadora Duncan. In 2007, Young finished work on two films, The Man Who Came Back and Darkness Visible.