• Charlotte, played by Madison IsemanCast Member
    Charlotte, played by Madison Iseman

    Madison Iseman as Charlotte, the smart, sarcastic and witty 15-year-old-daughter of Debbie and Vernon, who’s reluctant to let her absentee father into her life.

    Madison Iseman, a South Carolina native, is a multi-talented young lady who has immersed herself in everything from a presence in television and film to social media and YouTube. Madison’s energy and infectious laugh are what fans are drawn to most, and they will see a lot more of her as she expands her YouTube channel with more content related to music, her secondary passion.

  • Curtis, played by Leslie David BakerCast Member
    Curtis, played by Leslie David Baker

    Leslie David Baker as Curtis, is the blind caretaker of the church where Vernon is pretending to be the preacher.

    Leslie David Baker is best known for his nine years of work as Stanley Hudson in the U.S. remake of The Office and most recently, the independent feature When Duty Calls.

  • Debbie, played by Joey Lauren AdamsCast Member
    Debbie, played by Joey Lauren Adams

    Joey Lauren Adams as Debbie Lynn Cooke, is a fiery and feisty single mother, whose life is turned upside down when a Vernon, a former one-night stand, crashes back into her life.

    Joey Lauren Adams is an actress-writer-director who has appeared in over 25 films including such classics as Richard Linklater’s Dazed and Confused and Kevin Smith’s Mallrats. It was her performance in the title role in Miramax’s Chasing Amy, also directed by Kevin Smith, that earned her a Golden Globe nomination for “Best Performance by an Actress in a Motion Picture - Comedy/Musical.” Other notable credits include Universal’s The Break-Up,Columbia’s “Big Daddy,” 20th Century Fox’s A Cool, Dry Place” and Lionsgate’s In the Shadows.

  • Mitch Doily, played by Kevin FarleyCast Member
    Mitch Doily, played by Kevin Farley

    Kevin Farley as Mitch Doily, is Vernon’s parole officer and biggest fan.

    Born in Madison, Wisconsin, Kevin Farley studied at the famous Second City in Chicago. It wasn’t long after that he appeared in films such as Black Sheep (with his brother Chris Farley) and The Waterboy with Adam Sandler. Kevin Farley has truly established himself as comedic presence both on the big screen and off. Multi-tasking as a comedian, actor, writer, director and producer seems easy for Farley because he does it all, with a fabulous sense of humor.

  • Ronnie, played by Jon SewellCast Member
    Ronnie, played by Jon Sewell

    Jon Sewell as Ronnie, Debbie’s live-in boyfriend whose one dream in life is to own a boat.

    Actually born and raised in Nashville, Jon Sewell began acting in high school where opening night of his first performance, he got in a car wreck just hours before the curtain rose. Amazingly despite opening both acts with dried blood in his hair, Jon knew he had found a lifelong passion. Doing character parts for music videos in his off time, Jon was reacquainted with old friends in several full length films before rededicating himself to the passion that gave him a bloody head.

  • Starman, played by Justin DrayCast Member
    Starman, played by Justin Dray

    Starman is Vernon’s manager for Elvis gigs and while he yearns to be successful in the music business, he actually only represents impersonators. Starman works out of a model RV on his family’s RV Sales lot and takes an “industry standard” 23.7% of Vernon’s earnings.

  • Vernon Brownmule, played by Billy Ray CyrusCast Member
    Vernon Brownmule, played by Billy Ray Cyrus

    Billy Ray Cyrus as Vernon Brownmule, is a washed up one-hit wonder turned Elvis impersonator who cons a small town into believing he’s a minister, while also trying to build a relationship with a former one-night-stand, and a daughter he never knew existed.

    Throughout the course of nearly three decades, Billy Ray Cyrus has achieved international success as a singer, songwriter, entertainer, and philanthropist. He has sold millions of albums, charted 35 singles, 16 of which are Top 40 hits and continues to receive critical acclaim as an actor, writer, and executive producer in film and television.

  • Walt, played by Travis NicholsonCast Member
    Walt, played by Travis Nicholson

    Travis Nicholson as Walt, whose father played with Vernon during his heyday, and who agrees to help Vernon con the church congregation.

    In addition to playing “Walt” on CMT’s “Still The King,” Travis also executive produces. His acting credits span over 20 film and television projects, while his producing credits include three feature films, a television pilot, short films, commercials and countless music videos. Working alongside diverse directors such as Clint Eastwood, Joel and Ethan Coen, and Harmony Korine has given Travis exposure to a broad range of styles and techniques over the years, helping him develop as both an actor and filmmaker.