• B.B. King (as played by Castro Coleman)Cast Member
    B.B. King (as played by Castro Coleman)

    The “King of The Blues”, at the dawn of his career, a young B.B. King is honing his unique musical style and soulful voice which will make him an icon of Blues Music and one of the most famous entertainers in the world.Castro Coleman a-k-a Mr. Sipp The Mississippi Blues Child was born on August 25, 1976 to Johnell and the late Vera Coleman in the small town of McComb, MS. He has a beautiful wife, and four precious daughters that constantly drive and motivate him in his career. Castro has had an affinity for music since he was a toddler. Castro has played on over 50 national recordings with several different artists such as The Williams Brothers, The Canton Spirituals, Lee Williams, Pilgrim Jubilees, Spencer Taylor, Rance Allen, Yolanda Adams, Brian Courtney Wilson, Tamela Mann, Stan Jones and many more. He then introduced his own nationally known group The True Believers. With his unique style of playing and entertaining, his wish is to keep giving people hope and enjoyment through his music.

  • Becky Phillips (as played by Jennifer Holland)Cast Member
    Becky Phillips (as played by Jennifer Holland)

    Sam’s dedicated wife, Becky tries to support and understand her husband. Yet she struggles to find her own voice and identity while being constrained by the expectations of the time period.
    Jennifer was born in Chicago, but moved around a lot as a child, attending several different schools in Illinois and Florida when she was young. She discovered an early talent in gymnastics, competing professionally until she was 12, ultimately realizing that it wasn't her future. While still in high school she moved to Los Angeles to pursue acting, and soon began booking roles in film and television projects. Early in her career, she starred in the American Pie series film American Pie presents: The Book of Love. When not on set, Holland pursues her love of photography and writing, and stays very active by hiking, doing pilates or running. She also loves animals and is excited to start a mini-farm at her new home.

  • Carl Perkins (as played by Dustin Ingram)Cast Member
    Carl Perkins (as played by Dustin Ingram)

    A rough hewn young man from an impoverished background, Carl’s unique twangy guitar style ushers in the rockabilly sound along with his smash hit, “Blue Suede Shoes”.
    Dustin Ingram was born and raised in Southern California. Encouraged by his parents, who were also actors, Dustin began acting at the age five. Dustin recently wrapped the Amazon series, The Last Tycoon. The 1930’s drama based on F. Scott Fitzgerald’s unfinished novel of the same name is about the studio heads rise to power and the conflicts along the way. He can also be seen in the independent feature film Bar America, in which he plays Hank, the troubled lead host of an extremely popular indie Youtube series. When he is not acting, he is writing music and performing in his one-man-band under the name Gypzïrafe.

  • Colonel Parker (as played by Billy Gardell)Cast Member
    Colonel Parker (as played by Billy Gardell)

    A carnival conman with a mysterious past, the Colonel is a master of manipulation, publicity and business strategy that catapults his sole client, Elvis Presley, to unheralded stardom and success.
    Emmy nominated actor and comedian Billy Gardell starred in the CBS Hit television series, Mike & Molly as Officer Mike Biggs from 2010-2016. Mike & Molly continues to air in syndication to this day. Before Mike and Molly, Gardell co-starred in the critically acclaimed television series Lucky. His other television credits include Yes Dear and Judging Amy, on the Network, My Name is Earl, The Practice, Monk and Gary the Rat. He made his major motion picture debut alongside Anthony Quinn and Sylvester Stallone in Avenging Angelo, and had a memorable scene with Billy Bob Thornton in the Cohen Brother’s film Bad Santa. He also appeared in You, Me & Dupree.As a standup comic, Gardell took the long road to Hollywood, stopping at every small town lounge, military base and comedy club along the way. His comedy act took him to Los Angeles where his dedication to acting, along with touring as a stand-up comedian, allowed him to grow consistently in both arenas. A native of Pittsburgh who currently lives in Los Angeles. Gardell loves Steeler football, stand-up comedy and his wife Patty, and son Will.

  • Dewey Phillips (as played by Keir O'Donnell)Cast Member
    Dewey Phillips (as played by Keir O'Donnell)

    Unconventionally progressive, crazy and free, with a knack for entertaining and a great ear for music, Dewey Phillips runs one of the most popular radio stations in Memphis. He takes a liking to Sam when he arrives in town, and the two form a partnership to put good musicians in Sam's studio and on Dewey's station. They agree that music is not about color but about what excites folks, and each encourage the other to keep pursuing their dreams of bringing people together through music. Dewey can be a wild rogue, though, and his antics often go too far and get him into trouble.Keir O'Donnell was born in Sydney, Australia, and moved to Harvard, Massachusetts at the age of 10 where he remained for High School. His professional film career began when he won the role of Todd Cleary in the hit comedy Wedding Crashers. Shortly after, he played the principal character known only as The Laugh in the horror film, Amusement and the following year, he was seen as the lead villain, Veck Simms, in the Sony hit, Paul Blart Mall Cop starring opposite Kevin James. Keir will next be seen in the feature film Gifted directed by Marc Webb where he will be starring opposite Chris Evans.

  • Elvis Presley (as played by Drake Milligan)Cast Member
    Elvis Presley (as played by Drake Milligan)

    Originally a sweet, shy, awkward teenager, Elvis becomes the most famous singer in history, originating rock and roll. As his star rises, he grows in charisma and confidence and begins to indulge in the decadent excesses of fame.
    Originally from Fort Worth, Texas, Drake started out performing in small theatrical productions. His first role was in a short film called Nobody, in which he played a young Elvis in high school. He first discovered Elvis’s music after seeing an Elvis tribute artist. From then on, Milligan began reading and watching anything and everything Elvis. Then at nine years old, he was performing and singing as Elvis for crowds across the country.

  • Hank Snow (as played by Pokey Lafarge)Cast Member
    Hank Snow (as played by Pokey Lafarge)

    Country sensation Hank Snow is one of Colonel Parker’s first management clients. Though he doesn’t think much of Elvis Presley, he agrees to partner with Colonel Parker in signing the young singer, a move he may end up regretting.

  • Ike Turner (as played by Kerry Holliday)Cast Member
    Ike Turner (as played by Kerry Holliday)

    Ike and his band roll out of Clarksdale Mississippi with swagger and style to claim their fame in Memphis. But Ike’s thrown for a loop when he finds out he might not be the star of the show.Kerry Holliday, 29, is an American actor and musician. Born and raised in Memphis, TN, Holliday knew from a young age that music and performance was his passion. Holliday studied music in school, played saxophone in his high school and college band, eventually earning a Music Education degree from Bethel University in 2010. Holliday was discovered one night in early 2016 by Sun Records producers while playing his regular gig at Havana Mix, a famed Beale Street bar in downtown Memphis. A fan of many genres of music, especially jazz (heavily influenced by the likes of BB King, Grover Washington, Mike Phillips, John Coltrane, Charlie Parker, Sunny Rollins), the saxophone is Holliday’s instrument of choice, though he also dabbles with the trumpet, flute, electronic wind instrument, guitar, and a little piano.

  • Jerry Lee Lewis (as played by Christian Lees)Cast Member
    Jerry Lee Lewis (as played by Christian Lees)

    A fireball of arrogance, personality and talent, Jerry Lee explodes on the rock and roll scene with wild performances, catchy songs and an energetic, virtuoso piano style that thrill his fans.
    Born in the UK’s oldest recorded town of Colchester, less than one minute before his identical twin brother Jonah, Christian has already worked alongside some of the industry’s most highly respected directors and actors at such a young age. Trained at the prestigious London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art, Sylvia Young Theatre School and The National Youth Theatre of Great Britain, by age 9 Christian was making his West End debut as Gavroche in Les Miserables. His breakout feature debut came when Christian and his brother were cast as leads in Tale of Tales opposite Salma Hayek, John C Reilly, Toby Jones and Vincent Cassel.

  • Jimmy Swaggart (as played by Jonah Lees)Cast Member
    Jimmy Swaggart (as played by Jonah Lees)

    Pious cousin of Jerry Lee Lewis, he competes with Jerry for the affections of a Preacher’s daughter. Jimmy bewails his wild cousins’ sinful ways, but may be hiding a few sins of his own.
    Born in the UK’s oldest recorded town of Colchester, less than one minute after his identical twin brother Christian, Jonah has already worked alongside some of the industry’s most highly respected directors and actors at such a young age. Trained at the prestigious London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art, Sylvia Young Theatre School and The National Youth Theatre of Great Britain, by his first day of school Jonah was making his West End debut as Michael Banks in Mary Poppins. His breakout feature debut came when Jonah and his brother were cast as leads in Tale of Tales opposite Salma Hayek, John C Reilly, Toby Jones and Vincent Cassel.

  • Johnny Cash (as played by Kevin Fonteyne)Cast Member
    Johnny Cash (as played by Kevin Fonteyne)

    A thoughtful, brooding young man, Johnny’s songs showcase his talent for storytelling and touch people on a personal level. Combined with his unique haunting voice and paired down musical style, he becomes the newest Sun Records smash sensation.
    Kevin grew up in Portsmouth, New Hampshire and is one of six children in a single parent home. His mother, a career Air Force military medical Senior Master Sergeant, was the rock for her children. Kevin developed a passion for acting early on in his life. He started with high school drama and auditioned for everything possible. That passion carried him through his school career until he moved to Los Angeles after graduating. On television, he has guest-starred on Masters of Sex, Bones, NCIS, Melissa and Joey, iCarly, and Criminal Minds. When not acting, Kevin enjoys playing guitar, singing, and training his new pup Zeus. He currently resides in Los Angeles.

  • Marion Keisker (as played by Margaret Anne Florence)Cast Member
    Marion Keisker (as played by Margaret Anne Florence)

    Sam’s dedicated assistant in the studio, Marion is strongwilled, beautiful and intelligent and struggling to be a modern woman in 1950’s Memphis. She’s hopelessly devoted to Sam, a devotion that may end breaking her heart in more ways than one.
    Born and raised in Charleston, South Carolina, Margaret Anne is a triple threat – moving seamlessly between acting, singing and modeling. She has been featured in major motion pictures, on television, in independent films, and on the New York stage. Recent credits include: Inside Amy Schumer, 30 Rock, Nurse Jackie, The Mighty-Macs, My Super Ex-Girlfriend (opposite Raine Wilson).

  • Sam Phillips (as played by Chad Michael Murray)Cast Member
    Sam Phillips (as played by Chad Michael Murray)

    A pioneering visionary, Sam’s new Memphis studio gives disenfranchised poor people a chance to express their creativity. When he records a young kid named Elvis Presley singing music heavily influenced by black blues artists, they create Rock & Roll.
    Actor and author, Chad Michael Murray, has showcased his brooding good looks and talents on television sets and silver screens for over a decade. The second oldest of five siblings, Murray was born and raised in Buffalo, New York. Throughout his childhood, Chad was more the jock than the drama nerd, with an active role on the football and track teams. By the age of nineteen, Murray landed his first guest starring roles on Diagnosis Murder, Murphy’s Dozen, and MTV’s Undressed, and soon-after came Gilmore Girls and Dawson’s Creek, where he played Alexis Bledel’s overconfident classmate and Katie Holmes’ and Michelle Williams’ love interests, respectively. Next, Murray landed the starring role on the long-running WB/CW soap, One Tree Hill.Earlier in his career, Murray also starred as the lead in Joel Silver’s remake of House of Wax opposite Elisha Cuthbert and as Prince Charming in Warner Brothers’ A Cinderella Story (opposite Hilary Duff). Other credits include Disney’s critically acclaimed remake of Freaky Friday (opposite Jamie Lee Curtis and Lindsay Lohan,) the title role in the TNT movie, The Lone Ranger, and the socially important indie film, Renee (Kat Dennings, Rupert Friend). Recently, Chad was seen starring in the ensemble cast of the History Channel miniseries, Texas Rising, alongside Bill Paxton and Ray Liotta. In Fall 2011, Murray broke new ground in his career, by writing and releasing, Everlast, his first graphic novel.When Chad isn’t working, he is active in charities for children and teens, including Buffalo’s own Hunter’s Hope Foundation, Falling Whistles, and the Elizabeth Pediatric Aids Foundation. He is also a diehard Buffalo Bills and Sabres fan.

  • Trixie (as played by AlexAnn Hopkins)Cast Member
    Trixie (as played by AlexAnn Hopkins)

    Elvis’ high school sweetheart, Trixie’s conflicted when her boyfriend suddenly becomes famous. Happy for his success, Trixie’s not crazy about how it’s changing him and especially the gaggle of groupies that quickly swarm the new singing star.
    AlexAnn was born on the Summer Solstice in the small, coastal community of Jacksonville Beach, FL. There she attended pre-school and elementary school while becoming involved with the Florida State School of Film projects. She spent two summers in NYC pursuing modeling and acting before beginning homeschool in the 6th grade. Just before her 12th birthday, she and her mother moved cross country to LA to allow Hopkins to focus on acting. Always thought to be an “old soul”, Alex leaned toward more dramatic roles. She made several guest appearances on shows such as The Goldbergs and Speechless.