• Adam MoyerCast Member
    Adam Moyer

    Adam Moyer was raised by his grandparents on their horse farm in his hometown of Franklin, Tenn. Nicknamed the "Horse Whisperer," he has been helping to train horses and break colts since the age of 12. Adam finds his work with horses helpful when it comes to women as they all have "a different personality." In addition to being a horse trainer, he is attending college fulltime with pursuits of a degree in physical therapy.

    Town: Franklin, Tenn.
    Height: 6'
    Weight: 195
    Occupation: horse trainer
    ID: Horse Whisperer

    Follow Adam on Twitter @ Moyer1485.

  • Alex SteinCast Member
    Alex Stein

    Alex Stein is a 26-year-old car salesman from Los Angeles. Enthusiastic and slick, Alex has been pounding the pavement looking for the love of his life. He always tries to get his point across to others no matter how difficult. Alex believes one can only get ahead in life by living in a city and that country guys don't have the means to achieve much more than digging in the dirt.

  • Alexandra AgroCast Member
    Alexandra Agro

    Alexandra Agro is a model from Miami. Determined not to be just a pretty face, she is a college student majoring in political science at Florida Atlantic University, planning to combine law and fashion in a unique way. After living a fast-paced life in the city, Alexandra decided she is ready to meet a nice laid-back Southern boy. She believes life is about the successful combination of different personalities, and that's why she is looking forward to meeting Tribble.

  • Andy BatkinsCast Member
    Andy Batkins

    Andy Batkins, 24, is an entrepreneur from Charleston, S.C. Andy bought his first house at 19 years old and has recently started a tennis business. Andy strives for success is searching for a woman that will form the power couple he has dreamed of.

  • Anthony MarksCast Member
    Anthony Marks

    Anthony Marks is a 26-year-old environmental activist and political organizer from Los Angeles. Anthony holds extremely liberal views and claims he is Barack Obama's biggest supporter. In his love for life, Anthony hopes that opposites attract and that he'll be able to catch the attention of a sweet Southern belle because he loves that "Southern twang."

  • Ashley Ann Vickers Cast Member
    Ashley Ann Vickers

    Ashley Ann Vickers is a former professional barrel racer from St. Lucie County, Fla. While she continues to compete in rodeos, she also has a successful modeling career, having appeared in Maxim. Ashley Ann has had a few faulty relationships in the past, and as a result, has allowed work to consume her life. Ashley Ann is finally ready to make falling in love a priority.

  • Austin SquiresCast Member
    Austin Squires

    Austin Squires, 26, is a preacher's son and firefighter from Helena, Ala. Austin is looking for true love and wants to start a large family-with at least 3 children.

  • Beau McKinneyCast Member
    Beau McKinney

    Beau served two tours of duty as a Marine sergeant squadron leader in Iraq and was proud all of his men made it home alive. He is used to succeeding in everything he does, so a little friendly competition for the girl of his dreams doesn't scare him one bit. Since returning to civilian life, Beau has run for a U.S. Senate seat and worked for a law firm. He's planning a bright future in law and politics and is looking for an amazing girl to plan it right along with him. He got hooked on hot yoga after using it as physical therapy for the flack in his back. Now he's addicted to the spiritual benefits as well. He has dated a lot since returning home to Alabama, but no one has been his future bride. He's ready to find her.

    Town: Birmingham, Ala.
    Height: 6'4"
    Weight: 204
    Occupation: politician/student
    ID: Soldier and Senate

  • Brian WilsonCast Member
    Brian Wilson

    Brian grew up in a refined household with a French mother who took Brian and his siblings on trips around the world at a very early age. By the time he graduated from high school, he was speaking French, had a great appreciation for art and had mastered the etiquette of fine dining. After graduating from Miami University, Brian headed to the west coast to pursue a dream career in music. In Los Angeles, he managed artists for a few years at CAA before moving on to privately develop some fresh young musicians. In addition to managing them, Brian is a songwriter, composer and singer himself. A man of many talents, he has a great appreciation for life (in the city and around the world) and desperately wants to find the perfect "belle femme" (beautiful lady) to explore it with.

    Town: Los Angeles, Calif.
    Height: 6'
    Weight: 175
    Occupation: music manager
    ID: Mr. Cultured

  • Britton McPhersonCast Member
    Britton McPherson

    Britton McPherson currently is a vintage home restoration carpenter from Mobile, Ala. As a recent graduate with a degree in geology, he is planning to work in the energy industry. He is also a water sports enthusiast and great outdoorsman. His passions include hiking, camping, boating, scuba diving and skiing.

    Town: Mobile, Ala.
    Height: 5'10"
    Weight: 160
    Occupation: carpenter/recent college graduate with a degree in geology
    ID: Antebellum Carpenter

  • Bubba ThompsonCast Member
    Bubba Thompson

    Bubba Thompson, 30, is a cowboy from Geneva, Ala. Bubba is a hard worker, tending to cattle all day and is the co-owner of Faith Cattle Company. He is proud to be one of the few remaining modern day cowboys and is looking for the perfect woman to join him on his ranch.

  • Cassidie Sheets Cast Member
    Cassidie Sheets

    Cassidie Sheets is a fashion blogger who currently lives and works in San Diego. Cassidie is originally from Littleton, Colo., and began her city life at 19 when she moved to New York City to intern at ELLE magazine. After graduating from the University of Northern Colorado, she moved to California to intern at 944 Magazine. Cassidie is passionate about living an exciting lifestyle, and now with her professional life in focus, is hoping to find true love.

  • Cassie Cardelle Cast Member
    Cassie Cardelle

    Cassie Cardelle is a singer/actress from Hollywood, Calif., who has never been in love. She grew up in Boston where she went to Sound Audio Engineering school. Cassie is an up-and-coming pop star who loves the Hollywood life and is always surrounded by cameras. She hopes to settle down, get married and start a family someday. Cassie is excited to give Tribble a chance at love.

  • Cassie Rupp Cast Member
    Cassie Rupp

    Cassie Rupp grew up in the small farm town of Dighton, Kan. Cassie is a farmer's daughter who was brought up helping on the family farm, riding horses, spending time at the nearby lake and enjoying the small things in life. She went to the University of Kansas and earned a bachelor's degree in journalism. Cassie has developed an entrepreneurial spirit and a zest for life that she wants to share with the man she will love forever.

  • Chance LawrenceCast Member
    Chance Lawrence

    Chance Lawrence, 21, is a bull rider from Opelika, Ala. In the summertime, Chance loves to go mudding. Chance claims to be a "helpless, hopeless romantic" who loves to watch chick flicks.

  • Chase Miller Cast Member
    Chase Miller

    Chase Miller is a 25-year-old horse trainer and professional rodeo rider from Ogallala, Neb. Chase travels the country on the professional rodeo circuit and has won titles with the Kansas, Nebraska and Texas Pro Rodeo Associations. When he is not on the rodeo circuit, he is training horses for local ranches. Chase hopes to add an honest, humble country girl to his life to make it complete.

  • Chiara StrzesiewskiCast Member
    Chiara Strzesiewski

    Chiara Strzesiewski is a model, dancer and entertainer who splits her time between Tampa, Fla., Connecticut and primarily New York City. Additionally, Chiara performs in Las Vegas and Atlantic City, N.J., for a highly-acclaimed dance show. Although she breathes and lives the New York City and Vegas nightlife, Chiara is open to the prospect of being tamed by a charming Southern guy.

  • Chris BachmanCast Member
    Chris Bachman

    Chris Bachman is a 29-year-old photographer/designer from Manhattan, N.Y. When his parents lost most of their assets as a result of the Enron scandal, Chris quickly learned how to work for a living in order to pay for his college education. He loves the hustle and bustle of the city life and can't imagine living out in the country. He is a romantic and has written a song about every girl he has dated in the past.

  • Christian LopezCast Member
    Christian Lopez

    Christian Lopez, 27, is a professional baseball player from Miami, Fla. Christian was drafted by the Tampa Bay Rays out of high school. He knows how to make a woman laugh and considers himself confident, affectionate and charming.

  • Christian O'RourkeCast Member
    Christian O'Rourke

    Christian O'Rourke, 32, is a drummer and trainer from Brick, N.J. Christian is a health and fitness nut, maintaining a completely organic diet. Christian says some girls are intimidated by his physique, mainly his long hair and tattoos. He has never been in love and is searching for someone special to love for the first time.

  • Cody HarrisCast Member
    Cody Harris

    Cody Harris is a rodeo professional from Robertsdale, Ala. Raised in a family that has strong roots in the rodeo, Cody has emerged as a young rising star. In addition to rodeo, he raises cattle and trades them in the cattle market. A true cowboy, Cody always keeps his cowboy hat on, but does make exceptions, he says, when he's kissing a pretty girl or taking an occasional shower.

    Height: 6'
    Weight: 165
    Occupation: rodeo
    ID: Rodeo Cowboy

    Follow Cody on Twitter @WowCodyHarris.

  • Cody Lynn JohnsonCast Member
    Cody Lynn Johnson

    Cody Johnson recently returned to the states and his hometown of Kingsport, Tenn., after four years of military service and a 15-month tour of duty in Iraq. He has returned to work on his grandparents' tobacco farm and spends most of his waking hours on a John Deere tractor. Cody has raised his little brother since their mother passed away in 2006 and insists family should always take care of each other.

    Town: Kingsport, Tenn.
    Height: 6'3"
    Weight: 205
    Occupation: tobacco farmer
    ID: The Farmer

    Follow Cody on Twitter @Cody_L_Johnson.

  • Colleen Aldrich Cast Member
    Colleen Aldrich

    Colleen Aldrich manages a tanning salon and thinks she is more refined than a "Jersey Shore girl" because she is from Long Island, N.Y. After discovering a guy was engaged the entire time they were dating, Colleen is ready to find a loving, loyal and hardworking Southern gentleman.

  • Collin VaralloCast Member
    Collin Varallo

    Collin Varallo is a 24-year-old landscaper from Birmingham, Ala. He's best known from season one of Sweet Home Alabama and considers himself a true Southern gentleman who prefers the company of Southern belles. Collin works hard and plays hard but wants to settle down and find the right girl to spend the rest of his life with.

  • Collin VaralloCast Member
    Collin Varallo

    Collin Varallo considers himself a true southern gentleman, that prefers the company of southern belles. He owns a landscape company in his hometown of Birmingham, Ala.

    Town: Birmingham, Ala.
    Height: 6'1"
    Weight: 175
    Occupation: landscape company owner, Keepin' It Green Landscaping
    ID: Landscape Business Owner

  • Courtney Wilkerson Cast Member
    Courtney Wilkerson

    Courtney Wilkerson grew up in the small town of Theodore, Ala. Although she loves shopping, high heels and "getting dolled up," Courtney is not afraid to go hunting, fishing and mud riding. She has experienced the best and worst parts of love and strongly stands by the Reba lyrics, "Don't believe in self-pity, it only brings you down."

  • Danny BoppCast Member
    Danny Bopp

    Danny Bopp, 27, is a NASCAR driver from Lonedell, Mo. He was just eleven years old when he first entered the world of competitive racing and under the guidance of his father, former NASCAR crew chief Glenn Bopp, he quickly rose through the semi-professional ranks. When not racing, he volunteers for animal rescue organizations and enjoys outdoor activities. Danny is looking for a strong female companion to join him as he seeks out new adventures.

  • Danny MartinezCast Member
    Danny Martinez

    Danny Martinez is a 25-year-old student from Jersey City, N.J. He describes himself as handsome, fun, charming, and he loves to party. He loves partying so much that he averages around 12 hours of sleep every week. When it comes to relationships, Danny believes it's the man's role to protect and provide for the woman.

  • David EllermannCast Member
    David Ellermann

    David Ellermann, 30, is a commercial broker from Chicago, Ill. A self-motivated entrepreneur, David is proud of his roots and accomplishments. He is hoping to show this southern belle what the city is all about and prove that there are still gentlemen up north.

  • David WeeksCast Member
    David Weeks

    David Weeks is from Long Island, N.Y., and loves inspiring young children, which encouraged him to go back to college and become an elementary teacher and a coach. When his dad died of a heart attack and his mother was diagnosed with Alzheimer's, he did not hesitate and moved home to be her caretaker.

    Town: Long Island, N.Y.
    Height: 6'
    Weight: 168
    Occupation: teacher/coach
    ID: Tattooed Teacher

    Follow David on Twitter @cheekzzz15.

    Check out David's Facebook Page.

  • Devin GrissomCast Member
    Devin Grissom

    Devin Grissom is a student at the University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa. Raised in Cordova, Tenn., Devin considers herself a southern belle who values and respects the traditions of the south. A huge sports fan, Devin spends her Saturdays in the fall watching SEC football games and hopes to pursue a public relations career in professional sports. Devin's parents were high school sweethearts, still married for 34 years, and she aspires to have a relationship like theirs and settle down at a young age.

    Follow Devin on Twitter @devin_grissom.

    Check out Devin's Facebook page.

  • Donny FallgatterCast Member
    Donny Fallgatter

    Donny Fallgatter, 32, is a singer/songwriter from Nashville, Tenn. Donny is the former lead singer of KingBilly who grew up on a farm in North Dakota. Donny has traveled worldwide with his music including a USO tour for the troops in Iraq.

  • Dustin TavellaCast Member
    Dustin Tavella

    Dustin Tavella, 25, is a recording artist from Philadelphia, Penn. Dustin loves entertaining at children's hospitals and has traveled the world doing missionary work. He is still a virgin, saving himself for marriage.

  • Dylan DuosCast Member
    Dylan Duos

    Dylan Duos is a 20-year-old welder from Haughton, La. He loves anything that gives him an adrenaline rush -- from riding bulls to MMA to professional wake boarding. After he got his heart broken, Dylan started respecting women's feelings more. He believes country girls want a guy who will pick them up in a truck, not a sports car.

  • Eddie "Dash" Williams Cast Member
    Eddie "Dash" Williams

    Eddie "Dash" Williams is a 24-year-old music artist from New York, N.Y. When he was 16, he was involved in a serious car accident that resulted in his body leaving an imprint on the dashboard, which is how he earned the nickname "Dash." Raised in Texas, Dash is a football jock, musician and ladies' man. He wants to meet someone who he can fall in love with and share his life with.

  • Emilio VitoloCast Member
    Emilio Vitolo

    Emilio Vitolio is a 25-year-old from New York, N.Y., who helps run his family's restaurant, Emilio's Ballato, in Little Italy. As far as Emilio is concerned, there is nothing better than being Italian because they are the best in all industries, including cars, cooking, clothing and more. His father wants him to go to Italy to find a wife, but Emilio would rather find a Southern country girl with values that his family will love.

  • Erin Stack Cast Member
    Erin Stack

    Erin Stack is an actress and model from Hollywood, Calif. A strict vegan, she is turned off by meat eaters and believes hunting is "morally reprehensible." In her spare time, Erin volunteers at animal shelters and plays six different instruments.

  • Hailey Glassman Cast Member
    Hailey Glassman

    Hailey Glassman is a publicist and events coordinator from New York City. A graduate of Indiana University, Hailey is best known for her ties to reality star Jon Gosselin, whom she dated. Moving on from her past relationships, this city girl is looking for a hot Southern boy with a submissive personality.

  • Jacob LambertCast Member
    Jacob Lambert

    Jacob Lambert is a 23-year-old fireman and rescue diver from Flomaton, Ala. A former member of the Marine Corps, Jacob looks up to his grandparents as an example of real love, and he cannot wait to start a family and life like theirs. Jacob believes real American living happens out in the country.

  • Jacqueline Honulik Cast Member
    Jacqueline Honulik

    Jacqueline Honulik is a native of Fairfield, Conn., and works in the guest relations department for the New York Yankees. Commuting every day from Connecticut, New York is part of Jacqueline's fast-paced lifestyle. She is looking for a fairy-tale love story but will have to trade in her high heels for a pair of boots as she heads to Alabama.

  • Jared KnightCast Member
    Jared Knight

    Jared Knight is a 27-year-old sawmiller from Selmer, Tenn. In his spare time, he enjoys playing with his nephew and roughhousing with his English bulldog. Jared was raised to be a Southern gentleman and believes strongly that faith and family come before anything else. His perfect Southern belle would be kindhearted, polite, family-oriented and have an optimistic outlook on life.

  • Jason JohnsonCast Member
    Jason Johnson

    Jason Johnson is a 32-year-old lumberjack from Lawrenceville, Ga. He has been cutting trees since he was a child and even has a pet raccoon named Mika, who he rescued from a recent tree cutting. Jason likes country girls that are competitive, outdoorsy, feisty and have a "big ole' butt." He thinks city girls only know how to cook from recipes, while country girls can throw any meal together and make it taste good.

  • Jason MaximCast Member
    Jason Maxim

    Jason Maxim is a thriving entrepreneur from Hollywood, Calif., looking to devour the world with a host of "Maxim" products. Jason grew-up in a fast and furious military family that worked in the secret service. He began practicing martial arts at an early age and, due to his boundless energy and many connections, this led him to a second career as a Hollywood stuntman. Jason attended George Washington University in Washington, D.C.

    Town: Los Angeles, Calif.
    Height: 5' 11"
    Occupation: entrepreneur/Hollywood stuntman
    ID: Hollywood Heartthrob

    Follow Jason on Twitter @theREALMaxim.

    Check out Jason's Facebook page.

    Visit Jason's website.

  • Jeff MirandaCast Member
    Jeff Miranda

    Jeff Miranda is a red-carpet personality and performer from Newark, N.J. Jeff considers himself to be New Jersey's most sought after bachelor, but is ready to find a sweet southern belle. Although he has a larger-than-life abrasive persona, Jeff has a sweet sensitive side and works to provide for his mom and dad who are both on disability.

    Town: Newark, N.J.
    Height: 5'9"
    Weight: 165
    Occupation: singer/musician
    ID: NJ Magician/Singer

    Follow Jeff on Twitter @njjeffmiranda.

    Check out Jeff's Facebook page.

    Visit Jeff's website.

  • Jeremiah James KorfeCast Member
    Jeremiah James Korfe

    Jeremiah James Korfe, 29, is a farmer from Clarissa, Minn. By day Jeremiah raises beef cows, corn and soybeans. By night he plays guitar and sings with his band, "From Joyce." Jeremiah doesn't think city guys have the work ethic that is learned from the farm.

  • Jeremy LevesqueCast Member
    Jeremy Levesque

    Jeremy Levesque, 23, is a pharmaceutical engineer from Boston, Mass. Jeremy keeps a strict diet and exercise regimen. Jeremy is not a player and is looking for a nice girl. If he met the right girl, Jeremy said he would be ready for marriage right away.

  • Jeremy PestorCast Member
    Jeremy Pestor

    Jeremy Pestor is a 31-year-old youth mentor and hospice consultant from Deforest, Wis. A self-proclaimed hopeless romantic, Jeremy has been writing letters to his future wife for over 10 years and cannot wait for the day he finally has a mailbox to send them to. He is also extremely proud of the fact that he has continued to remain a virgin and is saving himself for marriage. Jeremy loves Southern gals and his only regret is that he hasn't found a down-home country girl to fill that void.

  • Jessica NewsomCast Member
    Jessica Newsom

    Jessica Newsom, from Teague, Texas, is a single mom to her 8-year-old daughter. Jessica studied physical therapy at Navarro College, and says she loves the small town way of life in Teague, where she currently works at a furniture store. An avid barrel racer, she started riding horses at the age of 2, falling in love with rodeo. In her free time, Jessica loves to hunt, fish and spend time with her daughter, family and friends.

  • Joey HuskinsCast Member
    Joey Huskins

    Joey Huskins is a licensed stock broker in Phoenix, Ariz. and loves the excitement of placing trades and moving around money. He refers to himself as "TP," which stands for the total package. Joey was drafted to play professional baseball straight out of college, and traveled the country playing pro ball. He loves to ride waves -- whether it's riding the wave of the stock market or a wave in the ocean.

    Town: Phoenix, Ariz.
    Height: 6'3"
    Weight: 205
    Occupation: licensed broker
    ID: Baseball Broker

    Follow Joey on Twitter @BigJoeHuskins.

  • Joey VidaCast Member
    Joey Vida

    Joey Vida, 26, is a personal trainer from Linden, N.J. Joey is from a large Portuguese family and is a grandma's boy. Joey has to have a tan at all times. Even though his girlfriend cheated on him, Joey still believes in true love.

  • Kash KieferCast Member
    Kash Kiefer

    Kash Kiefer grew up Bridgeport, W.V., where he excelled both academically and athletically. He graduated Valedictorian from his high school and went on to attend the University of West Virginia where he walked onto the 2006 SugarBowl Championship football team as the punter. After graduating with a degree in biology, he was signed by an NFL agent and went on to play semi-pro ball in Vegas, where he continues to train for his next NFL opportunity.

    Town: Bridgeport, W.V.
    Height: 6'
    Weight: 182
    Occupation: NFL punter
    ID: NFL Drafted Punter

    Follow Kash on Twitter @KashKiefer.

    Check out Kash's Facebook page.

  • Kelsey SmithCast Member
    Kelsey Smith

    Kelsey Smith is a true Southern belle having been born and raised in Tuscaloosa, Ala. She is currently studying to be an elementary school teacher at Shelton State Community College and has volunteered at a local school for the past four years. In 2012, she was crowned Miss Motorsports Hall of Fame,and with this title she was able to serve the community of Talladega and volunteer with children across the state. In her spare time, Kelsey enjoys watching SEC football and spending time with her family, including her three sisters.

  • Kristina Kraus Cast Member
    Kristina Kraus

    Kristina Kraus is a stylist from Orange County, Calif., who loves her "OC lifestyle," which involves tanning every day, wearing hair extensions and getting crystals on her nails. She graduated from high school with honors and received a full academic scholarship to college where she is a pre-med student.

  • Kyle HendershotCast Member
    Kyle Hendershot

    Kyle Hendershot is a 21-year-old medical student from Columbus, Ohio. Kyle is studying neuroscience and hopes to become a brain surgeon one day. He speaks fluent Spanish and French and says he can provide for a woman like no country boy can. He wants his future partner to have the freedom to do whatever she wants in life and never have to worry about money.

  • Landon "Tex" ChaseCast Member
    Landon "Tex" Chase

    Landon "Tex" Chase, 25, is a firefighter and paramedic from Fort Worth, Tex. Landon is a self-proclaimed "good ol' boy" and avid hunter. Landon's 18-month-old daughter is the light of his life.

  • Mandy Sanders Cast Member
    Mandy Sanders

    Mandy Sanders is a marketing student from Sherman, Texas. Mandy is the mother of a 4-year-old son and wants a man who can bring a big Texas smile to her face. In her spare time, she enjoys hunting varmint and deer. Mandy considers the perfect date drinking a cold beer on her tailgate.

  • Marcello PalmieriCast Member
    Marcello Palmieri

    Marcello Palmieri, 27, is an actor and model from Los Angeles, Calif. Marcello stands up for what he believes in and loves the opportunities his career has afforded him. Marcello enjoys escaping the city by heading to the great outdoors.

  • Mark MarchantCast Member
    Mark Marchant

    Mark Marchant grew up in Hollywood, Calif, and the word "modesty" is not in his vocabulary. He works in finance, selling bonds to banks and hospitals. He lives behind the Chateau Marmont in Hollywood and brags about his celebrity party friends and boasts that he could beat most people at almost any competitive sport.

    Town: Hollywood, Calif.
    Height: 6'
    Weight: 180
    Occupation: financial advisor
    ID: Mr. Hollywood

    Follow Mark on Twitter @Johnny_Laywood.

  • Matt BeardCast Member
    Matt Beard

    Matt Beard, 29, is a mechanic and drag racer from Satsuma, Ala. Born in Talladega, Ala., Matt acquired a love for drag racing and fixing hot rods early in life.

  • Matt CroftonCast Member
    Matt Crofton

    Matt Crofton is an EMT in his hometown of San Diego, Calif, that possesses nerves of steel, he says, because accidents, injuries and mayhem do not rattle his cage. Matt loves spending as much time as possible outdoors surfing, skateboarding and wakeboarding. He'll even head for the mountains and strap on a pair of skis when the mood hits him.

    Town: San Diego, Calif.
    Height: 6'
    Weight: 170
    Occupation: EMT
    ID: EMT/Surfer

    Follow Matt on Twitter @iammattcrofton.

    Check out Matt's Facebook page.

  • Michael ChadwickCast Member
    Michael Chadwick

    Michael Chadwick works in the cutthroat real estate world of New York City. Having survived several near death experiences, Michael is living his life to the fullest. Michael is ready to settle down with one girl, but finds that impossible in the non-stop world of NYC. He is excited to get out of NYC and find a girl who wants to settle down and knows the meaning of family.

    Town: New York City, N.Y.
    Height: 6'0"
    Weight: 165
    Occupation: real estate agent
    ID: NYC Real Estate

    Follow Michael on Twitter @mchadwick1.

    Check out Michael's Facebook page.

    Visit Michael's website.

  • Michael DeanCast Member
    Michael Dean

    Michael Dean works as a personal trainer in his hometown of Las Vegas, Nev. Michael leads an incredibly healthy and active lifestyle away from the hustle of the Strip and is amazed by the outdoor beauty Nevada has to offer. He isn't interested in the fast and wild women who party nightly at the popular nightclubs so he's ready to find a nice girl to settle down with.

    Town: Las Vegas, Nev.
    Height: 6'
    Weight: 195
    Occupation: personal trainer
    ID: Casino Trainer

    Follow Michael on Twitter @michaeldeanlv.

    Check out Michael's Facebook page.

    Visit Michael's website.

  • Michelle Weaver Cast Member
    Michelle Weaver

    Michelle Weaver is a server at a local restaurant from Fort Lauderdale, Fla. The self-described "girl next door" is currently studying elementary education. She was a cheerleader throughout high school, also playing softball and participating in the drama club. Michelle has lived her whole life in the city and is ready for a Southern gentleman to sweep her off her feet.

  • Mike Short Jr.Cast Member
    Mike Short Jr.

    Mike Short Jr. is a musician from Murfreesboro, Tenn. He followed his dream of being a musician all the way to Nashville where he's already released his first album. Devoted to his music, Mike doesn't drink or smoke and is ready to find a great southern girl who was raised with the same virtues.

    Town: Murfreesboro, Tenn.
    Height: 5'10"
    Weight: 165
    Occupation: country singer/song writer "Mike Short & Statewide"
    ID: Country Singer

    Follow Mike on Twitter @mikeshortjr.

    Check out Mike's Facebook page.

    Visit Mike's website.

  • Nathan KabanuckCast Member
    Nathan Kabanuck

    Nate Kabanuck is a 31-year-old litigation attorney from Sacramento, Calif. Nate is working on opening his own law practice in Sacramento and thinks a Southern girl with good morals and spirit will help him realize his ultimate goal of settling down. He enjoys his life and career and now only needs the perfect girl to share it with.

  • Nicole RossCast Member
    Nicole Ross

    Nicole Ross is a veterinary technician from Denton, Texas, who spends most of her time training horses. She is a professional barrel racer and holds multiple state titles in more than one rodeo event. Nicole hopes to qualify for the National Finals Rodeo in Las Vegas.

  • Paige DukeCast Member
    Paige Duke

    Paige Duke, from Lancaster, S.C., is a Clemson University graduate that now works as a national representative for Kruger Farms, an outdoors retailer in Minnesota. Paige is also a part time model and veterinary technician. In her free time, she loves to spend time on the lake or at the beach and enjoys rodeos, hunting, fishing and watching sports. Paige owns two dogs that she adores and is hoping to find the perfect man to add to the mix.

  • Paige DukeCast Member
    Paige Duke

    Paige Duke, from Lancaster, S.C., is a former ambassador for the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series and a true southern girl at heart. Paige currently works at a hunting farm in Minnesota, and is a part-time model and veterinary technician. She enjoys rodeos, hunting, fishing and watching sports, and is looking for that someone special to add into her life.

  • Pete WestwoodCast Member
    Pete Westwood

    Pete Westwood is proud of his accomplishments in his burgeoning music industry career in his hometown of Brooklyn, N.Y. He has already helped discover several new rap artists and landed a job with a small record label immediately upon graduation from college. In addition to his music career, Pete moonlights doing stand-up comedy at night.

    Town: Staten Island, N.Y.
    Height: 5'8"
    Weight: 195
    Occupation: music label talent manager
    ID: Music Manager

    Follow Pete on Twitter @PdWestwood.

    Check out Pete's Facebook page.

  • Ryan BorupCast Member
    Ryan Borup

    Ryan Borup, 22, is a professional poker player from Las Vegas, Nev. Ryan, whose father was the CEO of a Fortune 500 company, is a self-described adrenaline junkie. Ryan received a full scholarship to college for swimming and diving.

  • Seth TidwellCast Member
    Seth Tidwell

    Seth Tidwell, 24, is the owner of a MC/promotions company from Murfreesboro, Tenn. When not working, Seth spends most of his time with Brody, his Labrador. Seth realizes just how country he is when he visits big cities and wants to meet a girl he can't live without.

  • Severn LangCast Member
    Severn Lang

    Severn Lang, 32, is a hairstylist and bag designer from Los Angeles, Calif. Severn is very creative and plays multiple instruments including the French horn. Severn is a hopeless romantic who feels his romantic nature is wasted on Los Angeles women.

  • Shaun BigosCast Member
    Shaun Bigos

    Shaun Bigos, 25, is a worldwide shipping executive from New York, N.Y. Shaun hates the country and everything about it. He enjoys clubbing on the weekends. He is hoping to show this southern belle what the city life is all about.

  • Shaun SmithCast Member
    Shaun Smith

    Shaun Smith, 21, is a rodeo cowboy from Emmet, Ark. Shaun loves the rodeo life and comes from a long line of rodeo cowboys including his father. In his spare time, Shaun enjoys teaching kids how to rope.

  • Stefanie Williams Cast Member
    Stefanie Williams

    Stefanie Williams is a blogger from New York City who recently penned a book. A true New Yorker, she loves her city and her New York Yankees. While Stefanie loves sports, she has had a few rough experiences in dating athletes and is looking to branch out. Stefanie's biggest hope is to eventually get married to someone who can handle the sports nerd in her.

  • Tara BowlinCast Member
    Tara Bowlin

    Tara Bowlin is a law student from Knoxville, Tenn., and is a true country girl who loves sports and being outdoors. Tara was previously engaged to her high school sweetheart and first love. After five years together, she discovered he was cheating on her. Tara is ready to put her relationship woes behind her and find love again.

  • Thomas MannCast Member
    Thomas Mann

    Thomas Mann is a 28-year-old bush pilot currently living in Eagle River, Alaska. Born and raised in the mountains of North Carolina, he considers himself a true country boy. Thomas is a duel-rated pilot, flying both helicopters and planes to the most rural and dangerous regions of Alaska's wilderness.

  • Thomas Wilson PaceCast Member
    Thomas Wilson Pace

    Thomas Pace is a 27-year-old personal trainer hailing from Mountain Brook, Ala. Growing up in Alabama, Thomas loves everything Southern -- from Friday night football to going to church on Sunday to the overall down-home lifestyle. Thomas has a 3-year-old daughter and dreams of joining the U.S. National Bobsledding team. He thinks the best thing about Southern belles is the fact that they are just as pretty on the outside as they are inside.

  • Tiffany GingerCast Member
    Tiffany Ginger

    Tiffany Ginger is a sergeant in the U.S. Army from Newnan, Ga. A self-described "Army Barbie," she is currently majoring in automotive technology and is hoping to open her own mechanic shop in the future. Tiffany loves nothing better than tactical exercises and competing for best marksmanship with her fellow comrades.

  • Todd DoramCast Member
    Todd Doram

    Todd Doram, 30, is a luxury car salesman from Redondo Beach, Calif. Todd enjoys finding different ways to stay active. He is looking for a sweet, family-oriented southern belle and is out to prove that southern guys are not the only ones that are gentlemen.

  • Todd SmithCast Member
    Todd Smith

    Todd Smith is a 22-year-old bartender from Huntington Beach, Calif. He's a Southern California boy at heart and can't imagine living anywhere besides the beach. In addition to bartending, Todd spends his days surfing and training competitively in jiujitsu. He's hoping to find a country girl who will be more into outdoor activities than the city girls he's dated in the past.

  • Travis LeonardCast Member
    Travis Leonard

    Travis Leonard is a 27-year-old nurse from Tarzana, Calif. He is very close with his family, and his parents have been together for 35 years. He wants to find a girl with a great set of communication skills and a lifestyle that pairs with his ambitions. He travels frequently for his music and would love a sweet Southern belle to join him on the adventure.

  • Tribble ReeseCast Member
    Tribble Reese

    Tribble Reese is a bartender from Birmingham, Ala. Tribble loves tending bar at the 40-year-old, down home bar where he works and knows everyone by name. Tribble played college football for Clemson in South Carolina and played arena football in Charlotte.

    Town: Birmingham, Ala.
    Height: 6'4"
    Weight: 210
    Occupation: bartender
    ID: Quarterback Bartender

    Follow Tribble on Twitter @TribbleReese.

    Check out Tribble's website.

  • Tripp DavisCast Member
    Tripp Davis

    Tripp Davis is an Ironman competitor and CPA from Jackson, Miss. After winning the title of Cosmopolitan magazine's Hottest Mississippi Bachelor of 2010, Tripp's friends gave him the nickname "Cosmo." This traditional Southern gentleman is looking for the love of his life and says he won't date a girl unless he can see himself marrying her down the road.

    Town: Ridgeland, Miss.
    Height: 6'4"
    Weight: 190
    Occupation: CPA
    ID: Ironman CPA

    Follow Tripp on Twitter @imtripp.

    Check out Tripp's Facebook page.

    Visit Tripp's website.

  • Tristan SmithCast Member
    Tristan Smith

    Tristan Smith is a nursing student from Robertsdale, Ala., who decided to pursue a career in nursing because of her deep love for family and children. Hailing from a small town, Tristan says she would love to visit big cities but can't see herself living in one. Tristan is looking for a handy, hardworking man who puts God and family first.

  • Tyler LaBrieCast Member
    Tyler LaBrie

    Tyler La Brie is a 25-year-old sales representative from Hermosa Beach, Calif. Known for his flashy suits and impeccable grooming, he prides himself on being put together every second of the day. Tyler enjoys living a fast-paced lifestyle and wants a Southern girl to sweeten his company. He is finally ready for a committed relationship and is braced to fight any country meatheads that stand in his way.

  • Victoria "Torie" MathewsCast Member
    Victoria "Torie" Mathews

    Victoria "Torie" Mathews, from Biloxi, Miss., is currently pursuing a degree in elementary education. While she has had bad luck with love in the past, Torie is determined to fulfill her dream of finding true love, getting married and living in a house with a white picket fence.

  • Zach RichardsCast Member
    Zach Richards

    Zach Richards is a 27-year-old horseshoer and duck hunting enthusiast from Haughton, La. He has spent years perfecting his duck call and loves waking up early to get out on the lake with his friends. Someday Zach hopes to shoe a triple-crown-winning horse and retell the tales of his adventures to his family. He knows that being able to provide for a good Southern woman will be what sets him apart from others.