• CobyCast Member

    "Twin #1" (28) Coby runs point on the business side of Dude Perfect and is overly positive at all times. As the self-proclaimed “feelings police,” he also makes sure everyone is best friends with each other at any given moment.

  • CodyCast Member

    "The Tall Guy" (28) Standing at 6'6", Cody is the jokester of the group. He has a lovable personality and can talk himself into any situation...but not necessarily out of it.

  • CoryCast Member

    "Twin #2" (28) Cory wrote Dude Perfect’s “Go Big” book and is the one who pushes the Dudes to always test their limits. He runs more of the production side of the business and is a self proclaimed "milkshake connoisseur."

  • GarrettCast Member

    "The Purple Hoser" (28) Garrett is the self-appointed "dad" of the group - he's the one who manages the finances, is always cleaning, and at times is the voice of reason. He's also the one always buying crazy toys for the office, so maybe he's not the best voice of reason.

  • TylerCast Member

    "The Bearded Guy" (27) Tyler is the captain of the group, but he's also the biggest source of mischief. Hyper-competitive, Tyler is the first to rile up the team and get them competing over anything, everything, and nothing.