'DCC Making the Team' Ep. 7 Recap: Show Group, Makeovers and Cheryl Burke

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Episode seven of season fourteen of DCC: Making the Team was another rollercoaster of emotions. The highs, the lows and the inbetween can all be expected as we get farther along in the audition process.

With show group auditions complete and the elite squad announced, it's back to the process of making the team: but it was a little more fun for the girls this week with rookie makeovers and Dancing with the Stars' Cheryl Burke!


Show group was off to a rocky start, but soon everyone found their footing. Thankfully...

Hug It Out

The girls really and truly gave it their all during show group auditions and they should be proud of their efforts.


Surprise! DWTS pro Cheryl Burke was the guest judge on the panel and she was more than thrilled to be with DCC for the day.

Of course, her job as a judge meant she had to make some tough decisions, a job we wouldn't envy.


Makeover day was a total smash. All of the rookies loved their new hairstyles and looked fabulous. Of course they did, because Marshall is the best.

And Show Group Will Be...

Judy reveals the sixteen elite that will comprise this season's special show group and all but one take the news, good or bad, really well. Poor Jalyn!

She's Back!

KaShara is back, y'all, as a guest choreographer and to talk that all-important point to the triangle, her old position when she was a DCC. We LOVE her.

Remember who she picked?

Yes Ma'am

After leaving the room in tears following show group announcements, Jalyn was not in the best place with Kelli and Judy. Fortunately, they understand her feelings and all three had a good talk about managing emotions. Jalyn is safe for this week.

Don't Be Sad

Alexandra gave it her all, but sadly it was her last night. She took the news so graciously that it broke Kelli's heart to make the cut.

See? It never gets easier...

Ugh, it's getting harder, y'all! Tune in Friday, Sept. 20 for an all-new Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders: Making the Team at 9 PM ET/8 CT on CMT.

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