Carrie Underwood Chats About Someday Starting a Family

Carrie Underwood stopped by Nashville's WSIX country radio station yesterday (Oct. 14) to chat and goof around with Gerry House, then she requested "a '90s Garth song." They played "Friends in Low Places" for the rescued miners in Chile. House even came right out and asked when the babies were going to start coming. Not anytime soon, she said. "I have my dog. Me and a couple of my friends have like a pregnancy pact. We're all scared," she said, then explained a deal with her girlfriends to have kids at the same time so they can grow up together. Here's what else they covered. On staying true to her act no matter where she is: "I'm not dropping f-bombs in New York and then cleaning up my act for Bible-belt states." On Eminem: "I really like his new album." On Canada's love of her husband Mike Fisher: "People ask me, 'Are you gonna make him move to Nashville?'" On sharing a stage with Brad Paisley: "I certainly wouldn't want to be up there with anybody else." On heroin: "Negative on the drug using. I'm goody-goody two-shoes."

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